Chabeli Iglesias’ reasons for returning to television

Chabeli Iglesias’ reasons for returning to television
Chabeli Iglesias’ reasons for returning to television

The Iglesias family has taken a liking to the spotlight and the small screen in recent years. After Tamara Falcó was proclaimed the winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, it was her sister Ana Boyer who also took the title in ‘Bake Off: Celebrities in the Oven’ this year. Now, it is the turn of Chabeli Iglesias (52 years old) and Julio Iglesias Jr. (51 years old) with ‘The Iglesias Brothers at work’It is a show about renovating the homes of celebrities, which premieres on July 9, in which they demonstrate their skills by fixing up the homes of famous faces such as Ana Obregón, Omar Montes, Luis Fonsi, Norma Duval and her mother, Isabel Preysler, among others.

It marks the return to television of the eldest daughter of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias, and she does so in style, following in the footsteps of her sisters. Instead of cooking, she has decided to publicly demonstrate that decoration and interior design are your thingWith more than two decades of experience as an interior decorator, she will put her knowledge at the service of these well-known faces, while Julio José will be in charge of the works and fulfilling his sister’s orders.

The last time Chabeli Iglesias appeared on television was on the occasion of the tribute paid to her father, Julio Iglesias, on the program ‘Blood ties’It was in September 2023 when the celebrity She decided to return to Spain to celebrate the singer’s 80th birthday and to participate in the documentary. “It has been a pleasure and a pride as a daughter to be part of this beautiful tribute that we have made to my beloved father, the one I admire madly. Furthermore, it has been a wonderful opportunity to work alongside my brother, whom I love very much. I had a great time!” wrote Julio Iglesias’ daughter on her social networks days before this review of the artist’s life and professional career was broadcast.

Chabeli Iglesias’ new project on television

Now, he has decided to take part again in a television project on the small screen that has caused him so much disappointment. We must remember the historic moment that took place on the programme ‘Tómbola’ on 13 March 1997. Chábeli Iglesias left livefed up with the questions from gossip journalists. “These people are scum,” was the last thing she said before leaving the set.

Since then she has moved away from the public eye and moved to the United States, where she leads a very quiet life with her husband, Christian Altaba, and her two children, Alejandro, 22 years old; and Sofia, 12. To the love of her life She met him in a chance encounter on a flight to New York in 2001. Since then, they have not separated. The connection between them was fleeting, like the other romances that Chabeli Iglesias has had. A good example was when she married Ricardo Bofill.

The beautiful love story of Chabeli Iglesias and Christian Altaba

Isabel Preysler and Altaba’s daughter got married while she was pregnant in an intimate wedding to which not even their relatives went. “We had been planning our wedding for some time… We would have liked to share it with our families but, because our relatives are currently spread out across different cities around the world, We decided to get married alone and later, once the baby is born, celebrate the religious ceremony with the whole family,” she told ¡Hola! magazine.

Since then, has remained aloof from the media at his Palm Beach retreatthe luxurious island that houses the mansions of many multimillionaires and famous faces. However, she has decided to leave that placid life behind for a few months to return to television. It is no coincidence that this return takes place on TVE. It is on the channel she trusts and doing what she likes most. Motivated by the success of her sisters, Chabeli Iglesias has wanted to follow in their footsteps and make herself a little more known.

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