Marta Riesco, on the conflict between Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sanodval in ‘Ni que fuéramos’: “Of course there is a veto”


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It is no secret that As if we were has become one of the most successful programs in our country. So much so that, after its premiere on May 15 on YouTube and Twitch, TEN tv decided to include them in its regular programming, counting on Marta Riesco as one of its star signings as a collaborator.

Among the numerous events that have taken place on the set of As if we werethere is one that has marked a before and after in numerous aspects. What are we referring to? The clash between Kiko Matamoros and Victor SandovalSo much so that Marta López Álamo’s husband ended up exploding: “This is disgusting, you can’t work like this”.

Victor Sandoval, as expected, did not remain silent in the face of this comment: “I will not tolerate this either, I will not tolerate being denigrated and humiliated in this way, I demand it of you.”. Since then, neither of the two collaborators of As if we were has once again appeared in the programme broadcast on Canal Quickie and on TEN tv.

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