Nacho Cano arrested, Ayuso KO on social media, the Madrid president in trouble

Nacho Cano arrested, Ayuso KO on social media, the Madrid president in trouble
Nacho Cano arrested, Ayuso KO on social media, the Madrid president in trouble

Nacho Cano, arrested. If the founder of Mecano had any cards left to put in his album of life, he has just got one of the most nefarious, pitiful and shameful. Agents of the National Police have taken him to their facilities to obtain his statement, accused of two crimes: one against the rights of the immigrant population and another against the rights of workers. The alleged hiring of illegal immigrants for the musical Malinchewhich has been on the billboard in Madrid since 2022, has been the trigger. Once the procedure has been completed, he has been released on charges and awaits a summons to court, where the trial will be held. Another woman has been arrested with him, in a case that began some time ago with several complaints from the show’s staff about irregularities in hiring. It’s not a one-hit wonder, no.

The roar has been impressive, due to the relevance of the character, his way of being and above all, his close friendships. The most important, the one for which she is able to literally crawl on a stage: the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. How can we forget that scene during the presentation of the Grand Cross of the Order of the Second of May. It is impossible to define the word more precisely pathos. Well, Cano has tried, with statements that not even the most exalted fan club of the pepera. But kneeling before a subject like Ayuso breaks all records of infamy. And all, obviously, because it became the patron of his pharaonic, irrelevant and very expensive absurdities, some of them fortunately dead before they were born. But he has pocketed subsidies and received public land for free. And you see, in the end he ends up committing crimes, allegedly, with the companies and projects paid for by Isabelita, the one he considers greater than ‘La Católica’.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the premiere of Nacho Cano’s ‘Malinche’ / Europa Press

Oh, Ayuso. Once again we find ourselves in that delicate situation, that of seeing how you brother, parents, partner and also friends that invite you to Ibiza at full speed end up in problems with the police and the justice system. All presumably, but well documented. Important enough to order an arrest, in the case of Nacho Cano, and powerful enough to send letters to the Treasury acknowledging crimes and imploring agreements, such as the curry Alberto Gonzalez. “Now it’s my boyfriend’s turn”he said when the Maserati scandal was discovered, the millionaire’s flat and other stories of this health technician turned clever commissioner, especially after approaching the figure of the Madrid president and the companies that receive floods of millions in subsidies. No, now it’s Nachito’s turn, whom not even the goddess could save from the patrol car. Nor from the label of exploiter of people without resources. unscrupulous character, capable of taking advantage of the first person he meets along the way. And all this, of course, with the grandiloquent and hypocritical discourse of freedom and the whole manual ayuser of a chichinabo patriot.

Nacho Cano / GTRES

Ayuso sweeps social media, knocked out being singled out as the nucleus of a constellation of scoundrels who touch her very closely. Poor thing, they just have a grudge against her. But it seems that she is like Attila: where she goes, the grass does not grow… and a judicial mess awaits her. This is the heroine of the PP and of the Spain of the tambourine. Congratulations to his fans. Perhaps they are the next ones, allegedly, in his museum of scandals.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso / Europa Press

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