Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone made their first trip as a couple: wines, landscapes and relaxation at the foot of the mountains

Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone made their first trip as a couple: wines, landscapes and relaxation at the foot of the mountains
Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone made their first trip as a couple: wines, landscapes and relaxation at the foot of the mountains

Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone enjoy their love during a getaway to Mendoza

Gianluca Simeone y Eva Bargiela They recently made a getaway to the province of Mendozadocumented through their respective social networks. Thus, both decided to show themselves publicly after confirming their relationship, while touring the well-known wine route and the natural beauties of the Cuyo province.

In your account Instagram, the son of Cholo, footballer of Tudela in the Second Division of Spainshared several images from the trip. Although most of the photographs shown on his profile showed him alone and without the model, in the description he referred to his stay in Mendoza using emojis related to the sun, wine and a smile.

Wines and dream landscapes are part of Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone’s days in Mendoza

And in one of Gianluca’s posts, the model left a loving comment: “Mendoza looks great on you”, wrote the blonde, accompanying the image with a glass of wine, thus reaffirming her enthusiasm for her trip and consolidating their image as a couple on social networks. Faced with this, he wasted no time in answering: “With you more”, which provoked a flood of comments from followers and friends of the couple who expressed themselves in the most varied ways.

“Eva is an incredible woman, thank you for taking care of her and giving her your love,” one of her followers detailed, in addition to making it clear to the young woman: “You deserve good things to happen to you with the partner you deserve.” Others, for example, did not miss the opportunity to make comparisons with the model’s ex-husband, given what can be read on Gianluca’s profile: “You are more fascist than Moyano. Good for Eva,” in reference to her high-profile divorce from Facundo Moyano.

Eva Bargiela takes advantage of showing the most varied looks during her trip with Gianluca Simeone to Mendoza

On the other hand, Eva also shared content about the trip on her social networks. In her stories, the model showed the tours of the wineries and the landscapes of Mendoza, this time including several images as a couple. In addition, she wore different outfits in tune with the geography, arousing interest among her followers.

The social profiles of both were the main channel to share these images and experiences, highlighting how they combined wine tourism and their relationship during this getaway, and knowing that on the other side their followers appreciate these publications. “What a woman, beautiful and classy. I love that she fell in love,” says one of the comments, which summarises the opinion of his followers.

Eva Bargiela and Gianluca Simeone rest for a few days before returning to daily duties

Days ago, Bargiela spoke about future projects and the budding romance with the footballer during her visit to the television program Juana Viale on El Trece. There, the blonde stated that, although her relationship with the athlete is progressing, the distance between them represents a constant challenge, since he lives in Spain and she in Argentina. However, despite these obstacles, both strive to maintain a constant presence in each other’s lives.

In this regard, she was clear about her position on moving to Europe to be closer to the young man: “We’ve been looking at how we can meet up. I’m very tied to my job, I’m a person who needs to work to pay my bills. The idea of ​​leaving my job to accompany someone seems very far away to me. Today I cannot stop working and nobody in Spain knows me.”

Eva Bargiela confirmed her relationship with Gianluca Simeone

A few days ago and in dialogue with Intruders (cycle that leads Florence of the V (for America), Eva spoke of the relationship between the two: “The truth is that we are getting to know each other, we have a very good vibe and I don’t have much more to say. Really, that’s it.”. In the same vein, Bargiela said that he has nothing planned in the short term with the footballer, beyond continuing to get to know each other and strengthening the bond. “We get along really well, that’s why we like to share plans.“He said, although he dodged the question about who had taken the first step in starting the relationship.I don’t remember, I lost my memory“, he said with a laugh.

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