Irene Urdangarin takes her driving test in Móstoles

Irene Urdangarin’s life has been full of changes and new challenges in recent months. The 19-year-old, daughter of Infanta Cristina, has decided to take a significant step towards her independence by taking the practical exam to obtain her driving license.

Recently, Irene was seen at the DGT Test Centre in Móstoles, Madrid, where she faced the practical driving test. This crucial moment was captured by SEMANA magazine, which showed a visibly nervous Irene, dressed casually in jeans, a white shirt and comfortable sneakers. Despite her nerves, the young woman did not let anxiety stop her and opted for a linden tea to calm down before getting into the car with the examiner.

The driving test is a rite of passage for many young people, and for Irene, it represents a significant step towards personal autonomy. After turning 19, the niece of King Felipe VI has decided that obtaining a driving license is essential for her adult lifeespecially during his sabbatical year.

This time has been a phase of self-discovery and growth for Irene. After finishing high school in Geneva, she chose to take some time to reflect on her future and achieve some personal goals. Among them, she highlights her five-month stay as a voluntary at an NGO in Cambodia, an experience that has given her a new and enriching perspective.

In addition, this period has allowed her to focus on her personal relationships, particularly with her boyfriend, Juan Urquijobrother-in-law of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

Irene’s decision to take a sabbatical and focus on herself has also been supported by her family, especially her grandmother, Queen SofiaSince her return from Cambodia, Irene has been living in La Zarzuela with her grandmother, who has become her main support. Her closeness to Doña Sofía has been fundamental at this stage of her life, giving her the space and time necessary to make important decisions about her future.

Although it has not yet been revealed whether Irene has passed her driving test, her determination and courage in taking on this challenge are commendable. Obtaining her driving licence will provide her with the independence she so desires and will be an important milestone on her path to adulthood.

Irene Urdangarin’s future is full of possibilities. With the support of her family and her adventurous spirit, she is ready to face any challenge that comes her way. Whether on the road or in her personal life, Irene is ready to take the wheel and direct her own destiny.

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