Antonio Banderas and Dakota Johnson meet again in Malaga: the significant photo

Lourdes Crespo Calvo 10/07/2024 16:29h.

Photomontage with images from: Cordon Press

It was in 2014 when, after eighteen years of marriage and being one of the most admired and beloved couples in Hollywood – and the entire world – Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith announced their separation. “Part of the reason my marriage ended is because I personally got stuck. It was no one’s fault. I won’t let that happen again, I want to enjoy life, I want to be able to do what I want.“, the American actress said then.

Although this news would take everyone by surprise, the truth is that, since then and despite the fact that it happened many years ago, the former couple has always made it clear that above all they are still a family. Proof of this are the countless and innumerable occasions that the protagonist of The Fox has spoken out on this subject: “It’s been many years… We’re not going to bury that.“It’s happened, the memories are there, Nicole understands it perfectly.”

Stella del Carmen talks about her parents’ relationship

Since then, it has not been unusual to hear displays of love and affection from both sides. One of the main reasons for this unbreakable union is their daughter in common, Stella del Carmen, who has always been delighted with the relationship between her parents.It’s the best, there’s nothing better than being on good terms and I appreciate it very much.“, said the young woman on her last visit to Spain. However, there is a member of the family who does not carry Banderas blood who, through a photo, has revealed what her relationship is with her mother’s ex-husband: Dakota Johnson. We give you all the details!

The revealing photo of Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas

As we mentioned, after announcing his breakup with Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas was always clear that the family union would remain intact and, when he began his relationship with the actress, she already had a daughter, Dakota, the fruit of her relationship with Don Johnson. The interpreter of Fifty Shades of Grey has spent part of her life with the Spanish artist and that is why, as she has made clear on many occasions, “he considers them a father”as Banderas revealed at the presentation of Pain and Glory: “He still calls me daddy or paponio and I love it.”

Now, through his social networks and ten years after this media separation, Banderas has shared a snapshot on his social networks where he has given an account What is your current relationship with Dakota?The young woman has visited our country and travelled to Malaga, where she had a meeting with the man who was her mother’s husband for almost two decades. The actor himself did not hesitate to publish how this reunion was: “Happiness: Dakota in Malaga (Happy, Dakota is in Malaga)”. An image to which Griffith has reacted with several hearts.

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