Jack Nicholson raises concern about a detail in his hands seen in this viral hug with LeBron James

Jack Nicholson raises concern about a detail in his hands seen in this viral hug with LeBron James
Jack Nicholson raises concern about a detail in his hands seen in this viral hug with LeBron James

Jack Nicholson returned to Staples Center to see the overwhelming victory of los angeles lakers in view of Sacramento Kings. After a long time without witnessing one of the games of the nbathe actor went viral for a detail in his hands that was seen so much in the embrace that was given with Lebron James as well as in other photos that circulated.

The return of the artist was highly anticipated, since it had been almost two years since the last time he was therein the opening game of the 2021 season. In addition, he is a historic Lakers fan: has been a subscriber since 1970 and he was always linked to the team today commanded on the pitch by TheKing.

On April 22, the New Jersey-born turned 86 and was greeted by a wide number of celebrities. Of course, he is an iconic acting figure for the simple fact of having won three Oscars in twelve nominations throughout his long career.


Nicholson relived the sensation of an NBA game


Jack Nicholson comes from celebrating his 86 years and there are rumors about his health


Vital triumph of the Lakers at home against the Grizzlies

Jack Nicholson and the detail in his hands that caused concern

Accompanied by his son, nicholson sat in his traditional place near the rival’s bench, in this case the grizzlies. In addition, he was applauded by a large part of the public and he received his well-deserved recognition for his unconditional support for so many years.

Even so, there were two situations that aroused the concern of several users of social networks. First of all, a hug that was given with LeBron James He revealed a singular detail: the basketball legend approached the bench to greet the protagonist of The Shining and they greeted each other with great affection.

The actor went to see the Lakers after almost two years.

In addition, the official ESPN account published a photo in which Nicholson is seen with Tee Morant, Ja’s father. And that is where a wave of comments was generated because the hands of the 86-year-old American showed two different and very noticeable shades.

The photo that generated speculation.


Some of the comments that circulated noted: “It looks like it may be a medical condition. Like maybe psoriasis… definitely not normal. Maybe that has something to do with why he has been avoiding going out in public.” It is for this reason that he raised concern about a medical situation he is going through.

While another user took it to the side of humor, ruling out that it could be something more serious: “Jack, you gotta stay out of the sun, buddy. Or at least don’t lose your hands when you apply sunscreen.”

The concrete thing is that nothing is known about it and it will be necessary to see if the interpreter himself decides to issue a statement due to the large number of comments that circulated.

Martin Mena

Concern for the health of Jack Nicholson

Some images recently circulated that caused concern about the health of the renowned actor. In the last year and a half, very little has been known about the Hollywood star. AND a publication by the Daily Mail media generated even more concern.

In fact, some reports indicated that he could be suffering from neurological problems and that often he is disoriented. Retired from cinema more than 10 years ago, his last job was in “How do you know if it’s love?” Although it transpired that he received offers to return to filming, he would not be interested.

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