Meet Valentina Quiros, NEW GIRLFRIEND of the Santa Fe Klan after her separation from Maya Nazor

After the separation who starred rapper Santa Fe Klan and the influencer Maya Nazorso that the sun rises again for the Guanajuato singer, then, some rumors indicate that the beautiful Valentina Quiros it would be the new girlfriend of the musician who would have already forgotten the model with whom he had a son.

meet Valentina Quirosone of the new faces of social networks in Mexico and who, thanks to her talent, has made a name for herself in the world of influencers and is now taking another step towards fame as the new girlfriend by Ángel Quezada, better known as Santa Fe Klan.

Valentina Quiros She is a young woman who shares lifestyle content that has been captured on more than one occasion next to Santa Fe Klan in various videos on social networks, so now rumors point out that it is the new girlfriend of the rapper who after his separation of Maya Nazor he would be giving himself a new opportunity in love.

Until now Maya Nazor has not taken a position on the matter new girlfriend of Santa Fe Klan but after the separation confessed that she was left with custody of little Luka, the couple’s son and that she had ended the relationship with Angel Quezada on good terms, so a scandal is ruled out.

Although a legal suit is ruled out for the moment, Maya Nazor launched a hint through TikTok to Santa Fe Klan and his new girlfriend with the song by Shakira and Bizarrap.

for his part Valentina Quiros He has not yet made public his romance with Santa Fe Klan but, the number of followers on her social networks grew abruptly and now she has more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram where she documents her entire life and it will not be a surprise to see her new boyfriend’s face very soon.

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