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He retired at the age of 29 to work at OnlyFans and recorded his first conditional film: “They proposed all kinds of atrocities to me”

Miguel Guerrero rose to stardom after his appearance in The Island of Temptations

“My motivation was no longer the same in football”. Miguel Guerrero He is a 29-year-old former goalkeeper with experience in different Spanish promotion clubs such as Cordova, Xerez, San Roque, San Fernando, Écija and Vélez. There, he hung up his boots starting this season after his life took a radical turn. becoming a porn actor and having his own account on OnlyFans.

The change of direction in his career occurred after his participation in Temptation Island. This program gave him new popularity on social networks, where in addition to his content linked to football and fitness, he began to explore other areas. He created the goalkeeper glove brand Ironpanther and became an ambassador for the Prozis sports supplement brand.

More than 200,000 followers on your personal account instagramGuerrero had significant growth after his participation in the reality where couples participate, who challenge their love bonds by staying in different houses in the company of single men and women. “It has been an economic and motivational decision”he explained in a recent interview with W Radio Colombia about having hung up his boots after 16 years in the world of football, despite having a two-year contract with a “good salary” at his last club.

After harvesting 14 undefeated goals in 51 games with Vélez, the influencer altered his daily routine to delve into a facet away from the courts. He leaned into generating adult content within OnlyFans, a platform with many followers in recent years that is made up of monthly payments made by fans to content creators in exchange for photos, videos or exclusive live broadcasts, mostly linked to pornography. “If you want to show non-sexual content you are not going to get anything because on OnlyFans it is porn”, he expressed about the images posted on his profile.

The porn actor and former player, Miguel Guerrero

My large audience is homosexual and I am open to doing things that they might like. At the moment I’m going little by little so that when the real candy arrives they’ll say, ‘fuck Miguel!’” He added. In that sense, he made a publication to communicate the realization of his first conditional movie. The trailer of the audiovisual piece recorded in a hotel in Istanbul was promoted on their networks: “My first fucking movie. My first f***ing movie (20 minutes). Ask me privately where you already know… Link in my profile. Longer trailer on my Telegram”.

His goal in this profession is economic and maintains the “open mind” given the possibility of meeting the “fetishes” requested by their clients. “You look at where you want to go. It depends on the agreement you can reach with that person.. If I would dress up as Barbie? It would all be a matter of talking about it and we would set a special rate. The topic of the messages is up to each one, that is, in the end you have a private chat in which you speak personally with each fan of yours and you adapt to what they want,” she declared.

“This is a business, one in which good amounts are earned. They have proposed any number of atrocities to me. “Anyone can propose to me whatever they want because I am open to listening to anything,” she concluded.

The first months away from sports seem to be going smoothly in his new professional work. Miguel Guerrero and his progress will determine whether his goodbye from football was definitive or simply a see-you-later.

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