They warn of a lack of interest in getting vaccinated against covid – Publimetro Chile

They warn of a lack of interest in getting vaccinated against covid – Publimetro Chile
They warn of a lack of interest in getting vaccinated against covid – Publimetro Chile

He Ministry of Health reported on Friday of last week that that day the first shipment of the new monovalent vaccine against covid.

There are 172,800 doses from the American laboratory modernwhich attack the Ómicron subvariant that is most circulating today – the Spikevax XBB1.5 strain -, responsible for the increase in cases in the country recently.

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And although the health authorities reported that starting this week this vaccine will be available to reinforce the protection of health officials and other risk groups (over 60 years of age, immunocompromised patients and people with chronic diseases), there is not much interest in receive it.

That is what the professor and director of the Department of Public Health of the University maintains. University of Talca, Erika Retamal Contreraswho based on recent data indicated that “The fifth dose reaches 75% adherence in healthcare personnel and just 50% in older adults, groups that are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill and who should be vaccinated now.”

The so-called “pandemic fatigue” and the perception of little risk in the face of new infections are the main causes of the lack of interest in getting vaccinated again against the coronavirus. ]

“We did not reach the adherence levels of the first two doses, when some age groups had 80 and even 90% inoculation. Since the fourth dose, when disinterest began, there is a significant decrease… Furthermore, until the fourth dose there were multiple vaccination points, so it was very easy and quick to get inoculated, while now people have to look for where to get vaccinated and go to certain health centers, which means an additional barrier”explains the academic.

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The university professor points out that “Although a significant group of the population did not suffer ravages as a result of covid, this is due, among other reasons, to the fact that the majority were vaccinated and therefore there was herd protection.”

Erika Retamal Contreras remember that “This is not a winter virus, since its greatest peaks have been seen in spring and summer stages. “We are going to have to know how to live with the coronavirus with epidemic outbreaks from time to time, that is why the recommendation is to get vaccinated annually.”

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