Enduring partnership after the Vanguardia del Sur 24 exercise

Enduring partnership after the Vanguardia del Sur 24 exercise
Enduring partnership after the Vanguardia del Sur 24 exercise

When the final salute rang through the air at the closing ceremony of Exercise Vanguardia del Sur 24, a note of triumph and unity echoed. After nearly three weeks of training, the U.S. and Brazilian armies met for the final time in this edition of the exercise, Nov. 16 in Oiapoque, Brazil.

The ceremony not only celebrated the successful completion of training, but also highlighted the bonds forged between the allied forces.

“While today marks the official end of this exercise, we will continue to pursue future training and interaction opportunities,” said Maj. Gen. William Thigpen, commanding general of U.S. Army South, while reinforcing continuity of the partnership between the two countries.

The flags of Brazil and the US flew alongside the CORE 23 flag, a visual representation of the spirit of collaboration that permeated all facets of Vanguardia del Sur 24.

“Vanguardia del Sur is a notable example of enduring partnerships, based on trust and shared commitment to providing a secure Western Hemisphere,” said Maj. Gen. Thigpen.

Brazilian Army General Luciano Guilherme, commander of the Northern Military Command (CMN), took the stand to share his opinion on the importance of Vanguardia del Sur 24. He highlighted these joint maneuvers as vital for the security of the region and highlighted the importance of joint exercises to improve interoperability between allied forces, ultimately contributing to the stability of the Western Hemisphere.

“It was a fruitful military exercise in which both parties acquired knowledge and obtained coherent operational results,” declared Gen. Guilherme. “Everything was executed with precision and safety, demonstrating the professional value of each soldier.”

Gen. Guilherme also recognized the challenges faced and overcome during the exercise, highlighting the valuable lessons learned and opportunities for continuous improvement in future joint operations.

Vanguardia del Sur 24 not only reinforced military capabilities, but also fostered international camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on the participants and reinforcing the notion that together, nations are stronger to achieve peace and security.

“As commander of U.S. Army South for the past two years, I have witnessed the strengthening of our ties as we work together to counter threats and improve interoperability when we come together to conduct combined exercises,” Maj. Gen. Thigpen said. “Vanguardia del Sur 24 reaffirms that working together is our greatest advantage, when it comes to competing in the long term with adversaries that seek to undermine our security and shared values.”

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