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The Master in Emotional Wellbeing in Companies from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Wellbeing is an innovative and relevant educational proposal for today’s business world. This pioneering program focuses on the emotional well-being of employees, recognizing its direct impact on productivity, job satisfaction and organizational culture. Throughout this master’s degree, participants acquire solid knowledge about emotional management in the workplace, developing key skills to promote healthy work environments.

The comprehensive approach of this program ranges from understanding emotional intelligence to implementing concrete strategies to foster a positive work environment. Participants will explore emotional leadership techniques, stress management and promotion of resilience, thus contributing to the creation of more cohesive and motivated teams.

Taught by a team of experts in organizational psychology and work well-being, the Master in Emotional Well-being in Companies combines theory with practical applications, using real business cases and modern assessment tools. The Workplace Safety and Wellness Institute is committed to providing a nurturing learning environment and providing participants with the skills necessary to lead the change toward emotionally healthy work environments. This master’s degree represents a strategic investment for companies committed to the comprehensive well-being of their teams, making a difference in a work world that is increasingly aware of the importance of emotional health.

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