from denial to acceptance

He duel is he psychological process that we face when something stops being part of us, a stage that we will all experience throughout life. life. The loss of any object or people attachment causes a duelalthough the intensity and characteristics of this can vary greatly depending on the degree of connection emotionalthe way of being and the previous history of each person.

Account of a series of emotional phases what human beings go through after facing a significant loss such as death of a loved onea couple breakupfriendly or lose a job. It must be taken into account that not all people will experience all the phases, neither in this order, nor with the same intensity and there are even people who experience them before the loss itself.

Stage in which fear, emotional shock, anxiety or sadness takes over you, after a significant loss in your life

Psychopartnerthe great novelty of psychotherapy and a reference in the sector of mental health and couples therapy, gives us the best advice to understand and handle each stage of grief.

Denial. Is he initial shock. The person feels that what is happening is not real and hopes that things will go back to the way they were before. It can be more subtle and present in a diffuse way, downplaying the severity of the loss or not assuming that it is definitive. During this stage, allow yourself to feel the shockdon’t rush to “get over it,” talk about your feelings with someone you trust, and avoid making hasty decisions that you may regret.

Gonna. The frustration It is expressed in this way. It can be directed towards other people, towards oneself, or towards the situation in general. The ideal here is to recognize that it is okay to feel this reaction, look for healthy ways to express yourself how to do exercise either write and consider going to therapy to help you master these feelings.

Negotiation. This is a common reaction to feelings of impotence and vulnerability. A test of regaining control of the situation when you feel you have none. In this phase, people often try to make a “deal” or “agreement.” Enjoy life, live in the present, leaving aside the “if I had” as it will get you nowhere and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Depression. The worst part is when you get the feeling of deep sadness. Do not blame yourself for what happened, look for Emotional Support In friends, professionals or family, recognize your feelings of sadness and cry, without shame.

Acceptance. The person begins to return to their initial emotional state. It does not necessarily mean that the person feels “good” or “happy” with the situation, but that they have come to understand and accept reality.

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