The most surprising prescription has perfect handwriting

The most surprising prescription has perfect handwriting
The most surprising prescription has perfect handwriting

One of the most widespread myths about doctors It is his poor handwriting when handwriting the prescriptions for his patients, who upon arriving at the pharmacy delegate the arduous task of writing to their professionals. read an almost encrypted message. There are many complaints and also the memes that these health workers have launched on this issue, which in some cases has even forced the patient to go to several establishments until they find someone who understands their doctor’s handwriting.

As they say, ‘the exception proves the rule’, and in this situation there are also isolated cases in which you can perfectly read the medication and the prescribed dose from the hospital or health center. This is what pharmacist Guillermo Martín has graphically shown on his X profile, former Twitter, when uploading a photo of a perfectly understandable recipe. The professional has been ironic by attaching a photograph and writing the following about it: “I don’t understand anything, what does he say?”

His followers wanted to maintain the satirical tone of the publication and follow the same line in the responses, although they have done so in different ways. There have been those who, starting from post of Martín, have continued to act as if the prescription was indescribableand ensuring that “you have to be a bad person to write a recipe with that letter“.

There are also those who have ‘doubted’ the veracity of the image by considering such crazy possibilities as a falsificationwork intrusion by someone who is not a doctor, the dismissal as a doctor for the person who wrote it or the intervention of an Artificial Intelligence that has emulated said document in a fictitious way.

‘Medical language’ with bad handwriting

Precisely through AI It’s like another user has emulated a ‘translation’ of the prescription to a supposed medical language in which the calligraphy is completely different. He has inserted the image, in which some illegible lines appear, conveying to Martín that in this way he has it “clear.”

Without leaving aside the humorous tone, some of Martín’s colleagues have celebrated the news, hoping that this situation will normalize and the difficulty they face when deciphering medical prescriptions will decrease. While for some it was a “rare bird”, others claimed that it is the result of “a doctor who made the Rubio booklets” during his childhood.

But the majority of responses attribute the document to a medical student, and believe that the generational change will bring with it more careful writing by future doctors, as well as the most novices. It is the message that was sent, among many others, by a user who assured that health care was lucky, since “doctors have people learning who know how to write“.

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