Rucking: the way of walking that loses weight and is the best alternative to running

He military world inspires us again when it comes to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and activate the body. It is more than likely that the Princess Eleanor have already had the opportunity to Practice the ruckinghe aerobic exercise fashionable that combines resistance and strength and allows you to get more out of the time you have to get fit and maintain a balanced weight, As the new book about this way of walking explains: The Rucking Handbook, of Travis K. Bone. Studies have shown that rucking can burn 13 to 19 calories per minute, depending on how much weight you are carrying. According to experts, with 30 minutes of running you burn about 350 calories; walking at a good pace, you burn about 150; with the rucking, 300 calories. We tell you how to practice it.

What is the rucking: the military walk that helps you burn more calories

They say that the ruckingbeing a exercise of greater intensity than simply walkit can be a good alternative to the gym or running traditional if our goal is to burn more calories without giving up contact with the nature. What exactly? He rucking is walking or running gently with an extra weight on your backusually a backpack ruck. It is an exercise that has gained popularity in recent years because it allows you to develop endurance and strength while burning calories. If you’re beginner It is key that you start in it rucking gradually and according to the state of your body. Keep in mind that you will test your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. If you push your body harder than it can handle or don’t use proper sports equipment, you can overload your joints and suffer some injury due to friction or impact of the weight you carry on your shoulders when you walk. Therefore, it is important that you take into account these 4 tips:

  1. Choose a suitable footwear for rucking and cotton socks.
  2. Choose one quality backpack, light, that fits well to your back and does not overload it too much. The ideal is to carry between the 20 and 30% of body weightbut to start practicing it, a lighter weight is recommended, 10%.
  3. Especially at the beginning, pay attention to the correct position from your body to walk. Poor posture can lead to injuries.
  4. Don’t practice the rucking continuously at the beginning. The ideal is to practice it twice a week during 30 minutes and increase days and time until an hour daily.

The benefits of rucking on your health: increase your strength and resistance and lose weight

He rucking has physical and mental benefits for those who practice it. We list some:

  • Increases the strength and endurance of your lower extremities.
  • Helps increase muscle mass of the body, especially in the back and legs.
  • Improves the stability of your body.
  • Increase and improve your aerobic capacityfrom the heart to the lungs.
  • Improve your mental clarity and concentration.
  • Improve the mood and creativity.
  • Increases psychic resistance and self-esteem.
  • He rucking It is a perfect opportunity to benefit from the contact with the nature.
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