AMLO ensures a better health system with ‘megapharmacy’ Grupo Milenio

AMLO ensures a better health system with ‘megapharmacy’ Grupo Milenio
AMLO ensures a better health system with ‘megapharmacy’ Grupo Milenio

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that in March of next year the best public health system in the world will be operating in Mexico, with the installation of a “megapharmacy” that yesIt will arrive anywhere in the country in less than 24 hours.

In La Mañanera from the National Palace, the president explained that there will be two warehouses near the Felipe Ángeles International Airport that They will be used to distribute medications.

“In December we are going to inaugurate the large pharmacy that will have all the medications that are required… it will have a communication and transportation system so that if there is a lack of medication in 24 hours, all the medications that are needed will be available. they use,” he commented.

He assured that by 2024 anyone who gets sick will have guaranteed medicines and medical care.

“I have already made the commitment: in March we have solved the problem of public health, we are going to have the best health system in the world functioning, although my adversaries, the conservatives and their spokespersons, mock, it is a commitment. The entire Ministry of Health, the entire sector is working on this so that health is not a privilege, a right of the people and free (…) He who gets sick knows that he will have a bed, he will have doctors, a specialist, they are going to do the studies, they are going to cure him and he is not going to need to mortgage his house or go around asking for support or loans to cure himself,” he expressed.

He specified that the two warehouses are already being equipped and that Birmex will be in charge of distribution.


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