Intimate video leaked with a fan who got the OnlyFans star’s face tattooed

Karely Ruiz It is trending on social networks due to the possible leak of an intimate video with a follower of his who even has the model’s face tattooed.

Surprising video broadcast of Karely Ruiz

In these images, it is shown Karely in an intimate situation with a man, supposedly a follower who had tattooed the model’s figure on his arm. Although the man’s identity has not been confirmed, it is speculated that he could be a fan who has invested significant sums of money in the influencer’s channel.

There have been various comments about the fact that said video was made with a follower who tattooed the model’s figure, which has generated controversy about the limits in the relationship between influencers and their fans. Some question the model’s ethics in allowing interaction to transcend virtual limits and take place in personal encounters.

The influencer has not issued official statements regarding the leak of the video or the identity of the man involved. However, the incident has reignited the debate about the privacy and responsibility of influencers in their interactions with followers, as well as the impact of these relationships on the public perception of these media figures.

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