Surrender of the 2023 fiscal year of Cáritas Argentina

Surrender of the 2023 fiscal year of Cáritas Argentina
Surrender of the 2023 fiscal year of Cáritas Argentina

As usual, Caritas Argentina informs the destination of funds raised through organizations, national administration, individual donors and companies during the fiscal year 2023.

In this opportunity, The money distributed was $6,169,050,220and their destiny was proportional to the 67 dioceses of the 24 provinceswhich results in the management and application of numerous human promotion, immediate help and assistance programs in different emergency situations, which contributed to improving, and in many cases changing, the quality of life of thousands of families.

From the entity They valued the trust and enormous effort that the company carried out to carry out the different undertakings. This information favors transparency and helps to measure the impact they have on the lives of so many people when collaboration belongs to everyone.

Transform reality

The money distributed allowed sustain numerous programs and actionsgrouped in different areas of mission and service: education, work area, addictions, habitat and popular neighborhoods, food response, emergencies, and for the development of diocesan Caritas and the institutional structure.

Cáritas Argentina recognized and thanked the unconditional efforts of more than 43 thousand volunteersas well as the 216 thousand financial donations received, accompanied by 160 companies and organizationsadded to the work articulated with the State, through its organizations at all levels (national, provincial and municipal).

They invited you to read the complete report in which some general figures are graphically presented, the total collected, the actors involved, and the percentages distributed, and the origin of the funds. continue working together to build a fairer society, with equal opportunities for all.

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