Health Superintendency intervenes in EPS Sanitas

Health Superintendency intervenes in EPS Sanitas
Health Superintendency intervenes in EPS Sanitas

In the midst of growing uncertainty in the field of health in Colombiathe Health Superintendence made the decision to intervene in EPS Sanitasthe second largest health service provider entity in the country, with a figure of 5.7 million members.

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The intervention occurs at a critical time for the EPS, which is facing a deep financial crisis. With 4.3 million users in the contributory regime and 1.4 million in the subsidized regime, the situation has become unsustainable for the entity, which had already been announcing since 2023 that the crisis was imminent.

In a joint letter sent on July 27, 2023 to the Minister of Health, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, the EPS Sanitas, Sura and Compensate They expressed their concern about the difficult financial situation they faced. They warned that, if they did not receive the payments owed by the Government, they would be forced to cease operations.

Sanitas would join 13 other EPS that have been intervened such as:


  • Cafesalud
  • Healthcoop
  • Share
  • Manexka
  • Comfacor
  • Emdisalud
  • White cross
  • Healthlife
  • Comfacundi
  • Comfacartagena
  • Comfanariño
  • With life
  • Medimás
  • Comfamiliar
  • Comfaguajira.
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