Blackout at the Faculty of Medicine –

“The institution cannot pay the electricity bill

“Blackout at the Faculty of Medicine

“Due to the budget crisis that the Milei government imposes on the public university, the UBA begins to cut expenses.

“This Tuesday the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA woke up in darkness, in the middle of a power outage that extended throughout all the common areas of the institution. The decision to cut off the electricity supply and limit the use of advisors to people with reduced mobility, in a building that has 17 floors, was made after receiving a million-dollar electricity bill. In this context, the faculty cannot pay the amount due to the impact of the adjustment that Javier Milei’s government made in the national universities.

“At the same time, the blackout is part of a resolution of the Superior Council of the University of Buenos Aires that was circulated this Monday, in which they inform the authorities of all agencies about a series of guidelines to face the budgetary emergency. In addition, the educational community of the Faculty of Medicine called for a “Solidarity Hug to the Hospital de Clinicas” for this Thursday, prior to the National University March next Tuesday.

“”Because of an electricity bill, they are not going to close the universities,” said the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, last week, while the Government ruled out the possibility of allocating new amounts so that the houses of higher education can face the costs. sharp increases in services. As is its custom, the government speculated, according to Adorni, that they will not have the problem now, but in the future.

“But the future is already arriving. “As of today, the basic operating services will be reduced to the minimum use due to the budgetary emergency that occurs due to the freezing of the university budget,” the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine, located in Paraguay, announced this Tuesday. 2155, through posters posted throughout the building.

“One week after the University of Buenos Aires declared a budget emergency, on social networks, videos of medical students went viral showing how they go through the university cycle in the dark. The images show them walking through hallways in complete darkness, illuminating themselves with flashlights to write or standing in long lines to take the only elevator enabled to go up the 17 floors of the building.

“But these officials are not honoring their origin. Since the Superior Council of the University of Buenos Aires circulated Resolution No. 322/2024, which establishes certain guidelines to “mitigate the inertial growth of spending that would trigger the impossibility of being able to meet the commitments assumed by the University.”

“The “turning off of lighting in naturally illuminated classrooms and offices and in common circulation spaces during the daytime period and up to 30 minutes before the beginning of the day’s academic activity and 30 minutes after its end,” was one of the measures of austerity that the university determined to face the emergency situation and due to which the Faculty of Medicine community woke up in the dark. They also announced that they will not turn on air conditioners or boilers, there will be no new scholarships and they will limit the use of electricity and elevators, as well as stopping further outreach activities. These guidelines apply to all UBA units with the exception of hospitals, such as Clinics.

“According to the Superior Council, the Resolution dated April 10, was motivated “by a reduction of 26% in nominal terms and 80% in real terms (with respect to the 2023 accrued budget) of the operating expenses budget assigned for this year to the University for the functions of education, health, science and technology and university hospitals ($26,152 million in 2023 against $19,461 million in 2024, including the 70% update since March).”

“In a scenario where the last calculation of interannual inflation, which was released a few days ago by Indec with the CPI for March, reached 287.9%, the UBA continues to have this year with the same nominal budget with which it operated in 2023. The entire community of the Argentine university that has the best performance in international rankings is on alert, so austerity measures are beginning to be implemented that will seek to keep the institution open. Likewise, the Faculty of Exactas launched a counter to calculate how many days to live they have left, which as of this Tuesday was 44.

“Faced with this crisis scenario and the lack of willingness of the national government to resolve the serious conflicts that put the free, quality public university at risk, the entire community called for a great university march for April 23, from Congress. to the Casa Rosada starting at 3 p.m., “in defense of the Argentine public university system.”

“Meanwhile, within the framework of the budgetary emergency, the Faculty of Medicine called this Tuesday to hold a “solidarity hug at the Hospital de Clínicas” for this Thursday, April 18 at 10, while on Tuesday and Wednesday they continue with classes public outside the classrooms. “Due to the lack of updating in the budget allocated to national universities, not only the faculties are at risk, but also the university hospitals and the university’s social work are on the verge of closure,” they indicated from the institution’s networks. And they added: “That is why we call on the community to commit and adhere to this show of support for our educational and health system.”

“Report: Lucía Bernstein Alfonsín


“April 17, 2024”.

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