CTO launches ‘Medderi’ to promote training after the MIR

CTO launches ‘Medderi’ to promote training after the MIR
CTO launches ‘Medderi’ to promote training after the MIR

The Medicine this subject to constant updates and, as a consequence, doctors are forced to follow this rhythm of new trends in diagnoses and treatments to offer patients quality care adapted to the times we live in. It is because of that medical training should never end with the choice of position and the beginning of residency, but a good doctor should never stop training. In this context, CTO presents ‘Medderi’the continuing education platform that is now available to all doctors.

‘Medderi’ is a platform whose approach is entirely practical, and which was born with the objective that doctors know how to handle themselves in all the situations that may arise within their consultations. It is aimed in the first instance at resident doctors, but it will grow with them, to become a training reference for the entire professional life of doctors.

“The learning process at Medderi is based on resolution of medical challenges, which allows a direct application of the knowledge acquired in your daily work. Furthermore, it is not limited to medical technical content, but also covers fundamental skills for clinical practice, such as communication, team management, legal and technological aspects, among others,” they point out from CTO.

What does ‘Medderi’ offer doctors?

Medderi’s learning methodology is based on three types of content. On the one hand, through videos and support materials Pathologies, diagnoses and treatments are presented from the perspective of specific situations that patients may present.

The platform also includes interactive classroom sessions, which reinforce the challenges covered in the videos with two-way interaction between participants and instructors. Lastly, it contains mentoring with experts to provide support and insight into specific topics through the guidance of expert professionals in each area.

Monthly subscription to ‘Medderi’

One of the challenges of the continuous training of residents and assistants is the reconciliation with their work in the hospital and the little time they have. For this reason, Medderi offers its users all the facilities so that they can make your learning compatible with your day-to-day life in the office: short and dynamic audiovisual content, a very intuitive and highly usable web environment and the possibility of carrying Medderi on your mobile, which allows you to carry out challenges at any time of the day, regardless of where the user is.

To facilitate access to all professionals, from their first years of residency, Medderi has a very affordable monthly subscription model and you have the possibility of trying it for free for seven days. The platform offers immediate access to content, which is updated daily, and is segmented by medical areas. “Medderi arrives to reinforce one of CTO’s objectives: accompany doctors from the beginning of their career and throughout their professional life”, they conclude from CTO.

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