What is linoleic acid and how it affects our health, with Dr. Abascal

Dr. Abascal returns for another week to the Health + Wellness section for El Debate. A space where the doctor delves into the most interesting topics in the health field to make them known to the public.

In this installment the doctor explains to us why the linoleic acid It is harmful to our health.

Linoleic acid is an omega six fat and is very harmful to health. Your excessive consumption It is responsible for chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer and heart spheres.

In Spain we must avoid using sunflower oil, since other oils such as cotton or corn oil are not very widespread. It can be substituted with coconut oil which has a healthy fat.

Many experts still today consider that the cause of many diseases is high sugar consumption, but in reality uric acid is much worse. If he sugar is consumed in excess Over time, it will cause insulin resistance.

However, the moment we eliminate sugar, insulin sensitivity is restored very quickly, as well as metabolic flexibility. Well, the same does not happen with uric acid. In fact, it is stored in cell membranes, where it can remain for up to seven years.

Although the olive oil It has many benefits, it also contains a high dose of folic acid, so the recommendation is moderate use, which would be one tablespoon a day.

Some of the olive oil substitutes for cooking that are healthier, coconut oil, cow fat, organic butter, the gray that is clarified butter. But not only oils contain uric acid.

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