5 natural protein shakes that help you gain muscle mass

5 natural protein shakes that help you gain muscle mass
5 natural protein shakes that help you gain muscle mass

Natural protein shakes support and fitness. – (Illustrative Image Infobae).

The search for a balanced nutrition It is essential for those seeking to improve their physical condition and general health. Therefore, the natural protein shakes They are presented as an excellent alternative to complement the dietespecially for those focused on increasing muscle mass.

With the increasing popularity of active and healthy lifestyles, the demand for efficient and natural nutritional solutions increased exponentially. Homemade protein shakes meet this need, providing the body with the essential nutrients for muscle recovery and growth, without the additives and preservatives present in many commercial options.

A healthy lifestyle increases the demand for efficient nutrition. – (Illustrative Image Infobae)

The correct incorporation of proteins in the diet is key to the development and repair of muscles, especially after intense physical activities. The Protein shakes Made with natural ingredients they can offer not only proteins, but also vitamins, minerals and other compounds beneficial to the body. This combination promotes an optimal environment for increasing muscle mass in a healthy and sustainable way.

The proteins are essential macromolecules for the human body and play a crucial role in the process of gaining muscle mass. This organic compound is essential for the repair and growth of muscle tissues, especially after performing physical exercises that cause micro-tears in muscle fibers.

During the recovery process, the body uses proteins to repair these damaged fibersfusing them to form stronger and larger muscle tissue.

A protein-rich diet is key for muscle. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Furthermore, proteins are a important source of energy for the body and are involved in numerous biological processes, including the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate metabolism and muscle function.

Adequate protein intake ensures not only the desired muscle growth but also the correct function of the immune system and the general health of the body.

Experts from the Harvard School of Public Health They noted that “protein is found throughout the body: in muscles, bones, skin, hair, and virtually every other part or tissue of the body. It makes up the enzymes that drive many chemical reactions and the hemoglobin that transports oxygen in the blood.”

Proteins, essential for muscle growth. – (Illustrative Image Infobae).

“Protein is made of more than twenty basic building blocks called amino acids -they highlighted-. Because we do not store amino acids, our body produces them in two different ways: either from scratch or by modifying others. Nine amino acids (histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine) known as essential amino acids must come from food.

Like fats and carbohydrates, proteins are a essential macronutrient for the organism. Muscle is like a kind of protein reserve, since it cannot be stored in any other organ.

There are various theories about the most optimal time to consume protein shakes in order to obtain the expected results. The truth is that, Regardless of the time they are ingested, you will get benefits from these supplements.

The optimal time to consume protein shakes. (Illustrative image Infobae)

This is because the consumption of protein shakes can vary depending on the particular goals of each individual:

  • To promote muscle development, it is advisable to drink a protein shake before sleep. This is because muscle growth does not occur during exercise sessions, but rather during rest periods.
  • To maximize the benefits of strength training, it is advisable to drink a protein shake prior to exercise. Thus, a balance is achieved in the body that favors protein synthesis, which is key to increasing muscle mass.
  • Eat protein shakes after exercising It helps to immediately provide essential nutrients for muscle recovery. After an intense training session, your muscles have a greater capacity to absorb protein compared to any other time.

Recipes for post-workout muscle recovery. – (Illustrative Image Infobae).

  1. Banana Smoothie. This is perfect for post-exercise body recovery thanks to its richness in naturally occurring sugars and potassium. To prepare it, you need two bananas, 500 ml of milk, three tablespoons of oats and five hard-boiled eggs. All components are placed in a blender and processed until lumps are eliminated and a uniform consistency is obtained. It is optional to add ice.
  2. Walnut smoothie. Ideal for consuming a significant amount of carbohydrates and assimilating them quickly after training. You need: 355 ml of lactose-free milk, 1/2 glass of water, light yogurt, three boiled egg whites, 50 grams of walnuts, one banana. Process all the ingredients until you reach a homogeneous mixture.
  3. Chocolate and banana smoothie. The combination of chocolate and banana is among the most outstanding recipes for homemade protein shakes. Required: one ripe banana, two ice cubes (optional), one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of protein powder, two tablespoons of peanut butter. Water, almond milk, cow’s milk or yogurt can be used as a liquid base. Depending on the choice, the smoothie will have a higher caloric value.
  4. Blended with egg. This is one of the most natural and effective protein shakes to increase muscle mass. To prepare this nutritious protein shake you need: one liter of milk, three egg whites (preferably cooked), three tablespoons of oats, one banana. Mix all the components to obtain an exclusively egg-based protein shake.
  5. Coconut and almond smoothie. Almonds are one of the foods richest in protein, providing approximately 20 grams of protein per 100 grams. To make this smoothie you require: dried coconut, 20 or 30 almonds, a little cinnamon powder, a handful of flax seeds, 250 ml of water (you can also use whole milk, yogurt or a mixture of these). Soak the almonds and dried coconut in water overnight. The next day, grind until you obtain a paste that will be added to the blender along with the chosen liquid and the other components. Optionally, you can add more cinnamon to taste.
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