Superintendent: Since Monday we began to comply with the ruling against the isapres

Superintendent: Since Monday we began to comply with the ruling against the isapres
Superintendent: Since Monday we began to comply with the ruling against the isapres

This Sunday the deadline for the Supreme Court expires for Isapres comply with the ruling that mandates them to apply a new single table of factors to their affiliates and restore excess chargesin a debt fixed in almost 1.6 billion dollars.

Faced with this scenario, tomorrow both Chambers of Congress They will vote on the short Isapres bill with the purpose of comply with this ruling and thus avoid the collapse of the system.

Prior to said vote, the Superintendent of Health, Victor Torresannounced that, regardless of the result, From this Monday the circulars will begin to apply to apply the sentence.

From tomorrow we begin to comply with the ruling. That means that once Congress votes, We begin by issuing the first circular of several. In both scenarios the circular works, because what it ultimately establishes is compliance with the main part of the sentence, which is the application of the single table of factors“, detailed the health authority in “National State” of TVN.

Likewise, he highlighted the “best conditions” provided by this project promoted by the Executive to the National Health Fund (Fonasa)which in recent months has increased its number of members due to the massive departure of people from its isapres.

“What has been done comprehensively in this bill is not only to take care of the Isapres problem, but also to evidently see how tools are given to Fonasa. to take care of the million people who have arrived“said Torres.

Besides, “This type of complementary coverage is created which is really very good news for 85% of the population,” said the superintendent.


From Congress, in the opposition there is a spirit to vote in favor of the project which establishes the specific mechanism for the payment of excess charges, highlighting the importance of providing balance to the health system.

“The important thing is power provide stability to the private system and give certainty to affiliates that they will not have to resort to a public systemsince we all know that it is collapsed and that it is not capable of receiving almost three million people,” the deputy warned. Ximena Ossandónhead of the National Renewal (RN) bench.

In the opinion of the parliamentarian, “the main thing is access to health, which is guaranteed with this short law, (given that) without it there is a risk of a cascading effect: if an isapre goes bankrupt, can drag down mainly small providers“.

We must not forget that close to 60% of Fonasa members receive care from private providers.that is why it is important to have certainty and that is why we hope that this proposal will be approved tomorrow,” Ossandón pointed out.


In the ruling party, meanwhile, there is uncertainty about possible offcuts who reject the project, considering it a “forgiveness” to the isapres for incorporating the Health Cost Indicator (ICSA)which allows insurers to increase the base prices of their affiliates.

Due to this, the Government has reinforced its efforts with pro-government parliamentarians to square them and vote in favor.

The socialist deputy Daniel Mello addressed these doubts in the ruling party, admitting that “the truth is that the report of the mixed commission does not satisfy us at all. “We would have expected more, but the right dedicated itself to defending the interests of the isapres.”

In any case, he assured that “We must act responsibly and prevent the health system from collapsing and entering an emergency room.. That is why we are evaluating each point carefully, in particular because we managed to strengthen Fonasa, great news.”

“Our priority is to guarantee the coverage and sustainability of the system for users as a whole,” the parliamentarian concluded.

This Monday the Senate will vote on the project at 2:00 p.m.which – if it reaches 27 votes in favor – will go to the Lower House, where 78 votes are required for its approval.

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