What is the 8 second rule and what it can do for us

We have largely assumed that stress is something intrinsic to our daily routine, a feeling that lives with us, and that there is nothing we can do to make it go away. But, what is not so clear,

the effects are so negative that they can produce in your life if that situation continues over time.

This, along with anxiety or other negative states, increases the levels of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, which in high quantities

can have physical effects, such as headaches, insomnia, etc. If you are going through a phase like this, and you have already run out of ideas, we have discovered that you only need 8 seconds to improve your well-being.

What is the 8 second rule and what it can do for us

Keeping stress at bay will not only make us enjoy our daily lives more, but it will also allow us to

live longer and better. It is true that any situation can lead to stress, but we have to learn to manage them and find ways to control them without them becoming something more serious.

One such trick is the 8 second rule, which is a short-term solution that you can

put into practice anywhere in which you find yourself. It is simply based on giving a hug of this duration, which causes the release of a hormone that makes you comfort and feel good.

It is about oxytocin, which you have probably also heard about at some point, and which is on the opposite level to cortisol, in fact, it is responsible for reducing it,

promoting well-being and calm within a stressful situation. And sometimes releasing it is the simplest thing.

It can be through that hug, or through physical exercise, feeling heard or talking to someone while looking them in the eyes. Small gestures that can make big differences. This does not mean that with the 8 second rule you should dedicate yourself to asking anyone for hugs, on the contrary, it will help you

further strengthen relationships that you already have.

With your friends, your partner or your family, or even co-workers if you have a good level of trust, since these peaks especially occur in the work environment. The key point is physical contact, which can

have a very positive impactin a super short time.

Other ways to regulate cortisol according to experts

As we have mentioned, in other situations cortisol levels can also be regulated, such as

do sports or even sunbathe. It is important to have a healthy routine, in which scenarios such as lack of sleep or poor diet do not intervene.

In fact, food can be key in lowering cortisol. The main vitamins and minerals that help regulate these levels are

C, group B and magnesium, with foods such as citrus fruits, nuts, fish and green leafy vegetables being key. It is also advisable to avoid excessive consumption of coffee or sugar, and drink plenty of water daily.

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