This Norwegian habit will improve the quality of life

Norwegians are one of the citizens with the highest quality of life, placing themselves in the

first places in this ranking Worldwide. This is not only due to economic issues, such as salaries, or educational issues, but they also have a high quality of life and great well-being.

We have been discovering many of their secrets over the years, to make them so happy, and the truth is that

We can learn a lot from his philosophy of life. One of my latest discoveries has been ‘friluftsliv’, a habit that guarantees a healthy, happy and long life.

What does ‘friluftsliv’ mean?

Literally translated it is ‘life outdoors’. What happens with the Nordic countries, which is so different from the Mediterranean countries, is that they have very harsh winters, in which they barely see sunlight. This is the key trigger for them to get the most out of

those moments outsidewhich has great benefits for our well-being.

Enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, spending time with nature, appreciating its beauty and creating a connection with which to delve into

a healthy and active lifestyle. This habit is much longer than you think, since it began to become popular in 1850.

Although the term, as we know it today, was coined by the mountaineer and educator

Fritz Huitfeldt in the 20th century. By practicing that sport for which he spent so much time outdoors, he realized that nature could have great benefits for people.

What are the benefits of ‘friluftsliv’

With the pace of life that we are subjected to every day, plagued by stress and anxiety, we have to find that moment in which to calm our mind, in which to be alone with ourselves and the environment that surrounds us. This has been shown that

helps combat mental problems and improve mood.

It does not only have to be sport, although it is the most recommended, since it helps us at the same time to maintain

good cardiovascular health, but you can also take a simple walk and enjoy nature. One of the keys is to try not to think about anything else, to leave problems aside.

Added to this are other types of advantages, such as

Vitamin D production on the skin, which is key to a good immune system, as well as improving the quality of sleep, which is usually the first thing that is disrupted when we are under a lot of pressure.

This is directly related to vitamin N, which is how all those

direct benefits that nature gives us upon coming into contact with it. It has been shown that living near green spaces, as well as spending time in them, reduces the mortality rate. And ‘friluftsliv’ is a habit that is full of advantages, helping us to live happier and for much longer.

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