What are the 10 ideal sports to gain muscle mass?

What are the 10 ideal sports to gain muscle mass?
What are the 10 ideal sports to gain muscle mass?

Gaining muscle mass through specific exercise and an adequate diet contributes to a toned physical appearance (Illustrative image Infobae)

Practice sport regularly is vital to maintain a Healthy life, since it provides a series of benefits, both physical and mental. By incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, blood circulation is improved and the system is strengthened. cardiovascular, which significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. TO

Furthermore, physical activity stimulates release of endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness, which help improve mood and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Another notable benefit is the improvement in sleep quality, which allows for a deeper and more restful rest.

Gaining muscle mass through specific exercise and a proper diet contributes to a physical appearance toned, but it also has important benefits. Increasing muscle mass improves basal metabolismwhich means that the body burn more calories even at rest, thus facilitating weight control and preventing obesity.

Furthermore, greater muscle mass is associated with a increased strength and endurance, which can improve performance in various daily and sports activities, reducing the risk of injury. Maintaining adequate muscle mass is essential to preserve functionality and autonomy at all stages of life, contributing to a better quality of life.

Practicing sports regularly is vital to maintaining a healthy life Shutterstock

Gain muscle mass is a common goal among those who seek improve your physical conditionand the combination of training gym Practicing certain sports can be the key to achieving more effective and sustainable results. This duality encourages faster and more prominent muscle growth, and also promotes the adoption of a Healthy life, benefiting physical and mental health. Some sports stand out to complement the gym routine and enhance muscle gain, demonstrating that variety in training can be both pleasurable and beneficial for the body.

  • Soccer: improves leg muscles and agility. Vital for the sprints and explosive movements that stimulate muscle growth in the legs and core.
  • Swimming– Offers comprehensive muscle development and improves agility. Work all muscle groups through the resistance of water.
  • Basketball: tones legs, arms and back, helps with mental dexterity thanks to jumping, shooting and ball handling. For strength training and impact movements.
  • Karate: ideal for arms and back, tones due to the impact of movements. Especially on uneven terrain that requires greater effort.
  • Cycling: Tones the body, especially the legs, and is better on uneven terrain. Crucial for intense cardiovascular work combined with strength training, resulting in an increase in arm, shoulder and back muscles.
  • Boxing: strengthens arm, shoulder and back muscles, improves resistance. Crucial for intense cardiovascular work combined with strength training.
  • Gym– Test resistance and elasticity, creative to gain muscle. Fundamental due to the variety of exercises that test strength, resistance and flexibility, contributing to comprehensive muscle development.
  • Rugby: Notorious for its immediate impact on muscle gain and endurance. Essential for high intensity training and physical contact, which stimulates a rapid increase in muscle mass and endurance.
  • Tennis: combines muscle gain with mental development and reaction. Important for the combination of agility, strength and resistance it requires, which helps develop well-defined muscles.
  • Athletics: benefits the cardiovascular and respiratory system, ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Vital due to the diversity of disciplines that offer specific training for different muscle groups, improving strength and muscle volume.

The recommended number of times a week to go to the gym varies depending on the goals to be achieved (iStock)

The recommended number of times a week to go to the gym varies depending on the goals to be achieved, being training frequency, weightloss and muscle gain the keys to determine it. Specialists in the field point out that for those looking to reduce their body weight, starting an exercise routine two to three times a week turns out to be beneficial, as long as it is accompanied by a healthy diet and enough rest. On the other hand, those who aim to increase your muscle mass They should consider attending three to four times a week, paying special attention to the division of routines focused on different muscle groups and the intensity of the exercises.

This comprehensive approach to exercise, backed by research and recommendations from experts in the field, reinforces the notion that quality of training often trumps quantity. The combination of these factors not only contributes to achieving specific goals more effectively, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and general well-being.

Starting an exercise routine two to three times a week turns out to be beneficial (Illustrative image Infobae)

  • Banana smoothie for post-exercise recovery: The main ingredients are two bananas, 500 ml of milk, three tablespoons of oats, and five hard-boiled eggs. Benefits derived from natural sugars and potassium. Banana smoothies are recommended for their natural sugars and high potassium content, ideal for post-exercise muscle recovery, helping to replace nutrients lost during physical activity.
  • Walnut smoothie for rapid assimilation of post-workout carbohydrates: use 355 ml of lactose-free milk, 1/2 glass of water, light yogurt, three boiled egg whites, 50 grams of walnuts, one banana. Generates a homogeneous mixture. Walnut smoothies offer a significant source of quickly assimilated carbohydrates after training, contributing to energy recovery and the maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Chocolate and banana smoothie: you need one ripe banana, ice (optional), one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of protein powder, two tablespoons of peanut butter. Water, almond milk, cow’s milk or yogurt can be used as a liquid base. Chocolate and banana smoothies are highly valued for their combination of proteins and antioxidants, providing benefits for muscle repair and growth, in addition to being a delicious option to incorporate into your daily diet.
  • Smoothie with egg: Ingredients include one liter of milk, three egg whites (cooked), three tablespoons of oats, one banana. It results in an egg-based protein shake. Egg smoothies provide a natural and effective source of proteins, essential for increasing muscle mass, supporting the recovery and strengthening of muscles after exercises.
  • Coconut and almond smoothie, rich in protein: for its preparation you require dry coconut, 20 or 30 almonds, cinnamon powder, a handful of flax seeds, 250 ml of water (or whole milk, yogurt or mixture). The almonds and coconut should be soaked overnight. Coconut and almond smoothies are highly recommended for their richness in proteins and healthy fatty acids, contributing to balanced nutrition, post-workout recovery and strengthening the immune system.

Smoothies are recommended for their natural sugars 162

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