The first Biomedical Center Specialized in Medicine was inaugurated where Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán recovered

The first Biomedical Center Specialized in Medicine was inaugurated where Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán recovered
The first Biomedical Center Specialized in Sports Medicine was inaugurated where Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán recovered

IPD and Legado inaugurated the first Biomedical Center Specialized in Medicine.

Peru continues to bet on sports technology. Recently, after a joint effort, the Legacy Special Project and the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) inaugurated the first Biomedical Center Specialized in Sports Medicine in Peru, an advanced facility designed to serve nearly 12,000 federated and para-athlete athletes annually. This center, the only one of its kind in the country, promises to increase the competitiveness of Peruvian sports at an international level, providing high-level athletes with scientific and technological tools for their preparation and recovery.

Located in the National Sports Village in the district of San Luis, this Biomedical Center occupies a four-story building with 6900m2 of surface, as described in an official press release from the IPD. The infrastructure includes equipment for performing ergospirometry, isokinetic machines, a height chamber for simulation of mountainous conditions and a fully equipped rehabilitation gym.

Additionally, services are offered in nutrition, psychology and areas for anti-doping control. This project was inspired by the Biomedical High Performance Center of Colorado Springs, in the United States, thanks to an agreement with the British government.

The opening event had the participation of important figures such as Carlos Zegarra, executive director of Legado; Guido Flores, president of the IPD; Renzo Manyari, president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee; and Cenaida Uribe, outstanding Olympic volleyball player and team leader of Lima Alliancechampion of the National Volleyball League 2024. During the event, the impact that this center will have on improving recovery and injury prevention protocols, as well as the scientific approach applied to the training of athletes, was highlighted.

The Biomedical Center Specialized in Sports Medicine in La Videna. Credit: IPD

“Athletes will be able to work in these new conditions. That doesn’t mean that the old ones were bad, but these are better. Here recovery, injury prevention and scientific work will be worked on.. In this way, Biomedical will complement Peruvian sports,” highlighted the executive director of Legado, Carlos Zegarra. With this declaration, the commitment of the main sports institutions in providing Peruvian athletes with access to cutting-edge resources for their comprehensive development is highlighted.

It is worth mentioning that this center not only represents a significant advance in terms of infrastructure and technology applied to sports in Peru, but it is also expected to mark a before and after in the management and monitoring of the and performance of Peruvian athletes.

Athletes are exposed to injuries throughout their careers and they know this very well. Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfan -two historical figures of the Peruvian soccer team-, who went through difficult moments, being away from the fields due to various illnesses. However, both had the Biomedical at their disposal, in a specific area.

The two footballers adopted the cryotherapy as part of your recovery and treatment regimen. Even, at the time, the ‘Predator’ released images in which he is observed subjecting himself to temperatures of up to -83 degrees Celsius. This particular practice aims to stimulate the production of endorphins, improve muscle tone, relieve joint pain and treat conditions such as rheumatism, among other benefits.

Guerrero applied this novel therapy when he was recovering from a severe knee injury, which sidelined him from football activity from October 2021 to July 2022. His intention was to accelerate the process to return to playing. For his part, Farfán did the same after muscle fatigue years before.

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