The tragedy of the young doctor who had to travel to Ayacucho alone because Diresa did not accept a virtual procedure

The tragedy of the young doctor who had to travel to Ayacucho alone because Diresa did not accept a virtual procedure
The tragedy of the young doctor who had to travel to Ayacucho alone because Diresa did not accept a virtual procedure

Accident in Ayacucho: Young doctor died when he was going to pick up the Diresa document (Latina)

The hours pass and more information comes to light about the accident of a transport bus of the Civa company on a highway Ayacucho. In the fatal incident that left several injured and 17 dead, there are stories that show the bureaucracy and the few facilities in the documentary processes that serumists face.

Among the fatalities is Oscar Benjamín Llacuachaqui Sáncheza young 30-year-old surgeon who lives in the city of Lima, and needed to travel to the facilities of the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) of Ayacucho to collect a document since this instance refused to carry out the Procedure via online.

According to Walter Llacuachaqui, father of the health professional, his son had completed a year of the Rural and Urban Marginal Health Service (Serums) in a medical post of the National Police (PNP), in Huanta. During that time he traveled from Ayacucho to Lima with his own resources and after completing his work and returning definitively to the Peruvian capital, his new workplace asked him for a document to regularize a contract.

“I am the father of Dr. Oscar Benjamín Sánchez, who came to pick up a simple piece of paper from the Diresa and it was tragic because they told him it had to be done in person, it seems that it is not even updated. Serums has its Facebook, social networks and could very well be the virtual procedure. Here they say what they want, they say what they want, they promise many things and when they are asked, they do not deliver,” lamented the father of the family in Latina News.

Oscar Benjamín Llacuachaqui Sánchez, 30 years old, is on the list of those killed in the Civa bus accident in Ayacucho | Photo composition: Infobae Peru

The father of doctor, pointed out that many health professionals perform ad honorem, since it is a requirement to carry out their specialization. “Instead of helping them, facilitating them, they put obstacles in their way. In Huanta, the police chief has asked for a billboard, a lot of things, and the young people have to make dangerous trips to get everything they ask for. And the gentlemen who sign do so while intoxicated. The enemy of a Peruvian is another Peruvian, it seems that he is fulfilled here,” he added through tears.

Walter Llacuachaqui traveled from Lima to Ayacucho with his wife and eldest son after hearing the news of the tragedy on the Los Libertadores road. He mentioned that he does not expect anything from the Diresa of Ayacucho, he does not even have the courage to talk with any representative of this entity. The only thing she wants is to collect the remains of his son and return with him to the city to give him a Christian burial.

In addition, she indicated that her son’s belongings, such as his laptop, cell phone and other valuables, were not found among his belongings during the body rescue. “Her things are already lost, what is going to be done,” she said for the aforementioned media.

A accident of an interprovincial bus of the Civa company on the Libertadores road, Ayacucho, left 17 dead and 19 injured on the morning of May 14. Among the passengers and fatalities was also Edgar Alarcón Tejada, former Comptroller General of the Republic and former congressman.

– Ayacucho Manifesto credit

The unit left from Metropolitan Lima and was heading to the province of Huamanga. According to RPP, the accident occurred near the Ñiñacha bridge, in the Cachi canal sector. The bus, plate F5D-959, overturned, leaving the second level completely destroyed on the pavement.

Martín Ojeda, Civa’s lawyer, stated that the bus complied with all regulatory requirements. Furthermore, he asked not to speculate about the people affected, out of respect for the family members.

The Regional Health Directorate of Ayacucho (Diresa) confirmed the number of deaths and indicated that the injured were transferred to the Regional Hospital, the Vinchos Health Center and the Jesús Nazareno Support Hospital. At the scene of the accident, six ambulances, including three from SAMU, and 23 members of health personnel, as well as firefighters, provided assistance.

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