Navarrabiomed workers ask Parliament for a “firm commitment” to…

Navarrabiomed workers ask Parliament for a “firm commitment” to…
Navarrabiomed workers ask Parliament for a “firm commitment” to…

The Navarrabiomed workers have requested the Parliamentsome of whose members visited the facilities this Wednesday, a “firm commitment” regarding the public biomedical research in Navarrawhich is reflected in the new Health law and in a labor agreement.

They have been a group of workers of the Miguel Servet Foundation those who, supported by members of the Navarra Health Platform, have waited for the parliamentarians behind a banner in which in Spanish and Basque the public management of the Institute was requested.

“Decent working conditions”, “Public health defense” or “Regional Health Law is in your hands” They were other smaller banners that the researchers at the doors of the building Navarabiomed.

There the workers of the Miguel Servet Foundation have reminded parliamentarians that it is “essential to promote basic and translational public research, innovation and ensure the effective application of the results to benefit the health of all citizens.”

In his opinion, this should be reflected in the Health Law and in an agreement that establishes “a stable, single and homogeneous legal framework to dignify the profession and offer stability to research staff“.

The staff of the Miguel Servet Foundation has insisted that the new regional health law must promote “basic and translational” public research, as well as guarantee the effective application of the results for the benefit of public health, the union has stated in a note. LAB.

In that sense, the Miguel Servet Public Foundation must continue to be the scientific and technical support body for public health research in Navarra, as well as the only managing body for the research activity of Navarrabiomed and the Navarra Health Research Institute.

On the other hand, they have also highlighted that it is important avoid duplications in the creation of entities that perform the same functions as those already performed by the Miguel Servet Foundation and increase public spending unnecessarily, optimizing and providing resources where it is truly necessary.

More agility in the process of preparing the first labor agreement

The same sources recall that the Miguel Servet Foundation Business Committee They have been negotiating with the center’s management for a few months about the formalization of their first labor agreement, which is why they have requested Parliament’s support to speed up the process.

This agreement will represent a “significant advance to dignify the figure of research personnel and give a boost to biomedical research in Navarra“.

The Works Committee defends a agreement that regulates in an inclusive manner the classification of groups, categories and professional areas, as well as health and safety conditions at work.

Furthermore, he advocates a model of recognition of seniority, career and professional developmentand considers that this is a first step towards “more equitable and dignified working conditions” for the research staff in Navarra.

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