Cra. 60 Comprehensive Wellbeing Center, the new headquarters of Compensar focused on the elderly

Cra. 60 Comprehensive Wellbeing Center, the new headquarters of Compensar focused on the elderly
Cra. 60 Comprehensive Wellbeing Center, the new headquarters of Compensar focused on the elderly

In it Comprehensive Wellness Center Seniors can have all the tools they need for active, healthy and productive aging. For this reason, Compensar opened the doors of this headquarters located at Cra. 60, with a comprehensive offer unique in Bogotá and other services for all family members.


This is a pioneering space in the city, with an avant-garde and eco-sustainable design that uses cutting-edge technology in its 12,500 square meters built, distributed in a total of 14 floors.

The Comprehensive Wellness Center offers for people over 60 years of age monthly membership with plans of 2, 3 and 5 days a week, half-day or full-day days, and wide variety of thematic courses. Thus, the elderly person remains active and happy during the most significant years of their life.

Additionally, Compensar has focused on providing spaces open to the whole family, so that they can share with their older relatives or can also independently attend activities necessary for physical development. These activities include: classes dance, yoga, ballet, karate, taekwondo, swimming, cooking, guitar, drawing, photography, painting and more.

Gastronomy and differential spaces

The headquarters also has a complete food offering, which includes a la carte options, executive menu, salad bar, healthy offering, coffee, among others.

On the other hand, among some of the attractions of the headquarters are the swimming pool, spa, gym, rooms for group classes, oratory, restaurant, games room, reading room, rooms for training courses, urban garden, contemplative gardens, and more.

Also includes a multisensory classroomsuitable with lights, aromas, music, sounds and textures that create atmospheres that They facilitate sensory and cognitive stimulation in people of all ages.

environmental friendly

“The Compensar Cra. 60 Comprehensive Wellness Center reflects the commitment we have to the environment, being an eco-sustainable and planet-friendly structure,” he stated. Make up for through a statement.

All its spaces They have natural lighting and ventilation and a bioclimatic design that will allow the saving of natural resources and climate treatment.

Also I know take advantage of recyclable water from the headquarters collaborating saving water and maintaining green areas from the city.

Come and visit this headquarters and be part of the comprehensive development of people of all ages, in the midst of great experiences during significant years and of total benefit and importance. Additionally, compensate offers various plans so that you can be part of this project from now on that goes for human development.

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