Pilates exercise to eliminate waist fat at 50 years old

Pilates exercise to eliminate waist fat at 50 years old
Pilates exercise to eliminate waist fat at 50 years old

After the age of 50, everything in our body changes. The metabolism slows down and fat tends to accumulate in areas such as the abdomen, making it more difficult to eliminate. However, There are exercises that can help reduce abdominal fat and improve your physical condition.

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Although you cannot burn fat locally, the ‘Mujer Hoy’ portal suggests that it is possible to perform various exercises to reduce fat and then strengthen the abdominal area.

A simple way to reduce fat and strengthen your abdomen is through Pilates exercises. This method, in addition to helping to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen muscles, improves body posture, prevents back pain and can even strengthen the pelvic floor.

Health benefits of Pilates exercises

Although it may seem surprising, Pilates is excellent for reducing fat and toning the body. According to a study conducted in 2010 by Dr. Kloubec for the ‘Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research’, Pilates has the following benefits:

  • They help you lose weight gradually: Pilates practice activates the metabolism. By accelerating it, body temperature, sweating and calorie burning increase, says ‘Better to Health’.
  • They tone muscles without causing injuries: The different muscles of the body, both the upper and lower parts, are worked comprehensively and specifically.
  • They shape the figure: The muscles do not increase in volume, but rather become better defined. At the same time, stretching and flexibility exercises also improve the silhouette.
  • They improve posture: The elements mentioned above also contribute to better body posture.
  • They increase flexibility: Because Pilates includes stretching, good stretching is essential to fully work the muscles.
  • They reduce stress: Regular practice of Pilates, and any sport in general, helps combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Pilates to reduce abdominal fat

There is a simple pilates exercise that can help reduce fat and strengthen the abdomen at age 50. Consists in Raise the pelvis in a controlled manner to strengthen the abdominals.

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With this practice you will not only achieve a flat and defined abdomen, but you will also work your glutes and hamstrings, according to ‘Mujer Hoy’. She just has to lie face up on a mat, bend her knees and raise her hips without straining her back. You can do five repetitions with 20 lifts each.

Another exercise that improves the abdominal area at age 50 is the bicycle crunch. To do this, you must lie down on a mat supporting your lower back.

Next, place your hands behind your head and bring your right knee toward your chest without lifting your left leg off the ground. After, Raise your shoulder blades and bring your left elbow towards the raised knee, doing a kind of trunk twist. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg.

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