Edgar Ramírez has his darkest character in Dr. Death, the doctor who murdered his patients: “It hits me very close”

Edgar Ramírez has his darkest character in Dr. Death, the doctor who murdered his patients: “It hits me very close”
Edgar Ramírez has his darkest character in Dr. Death, the doctor who murdered his patients: “It hits me very close”

Edgar Ramirez He has experience playing roles based on real people. There are the boxer Roberto Duranthe terrorist Carlos “The Jackal”, and the murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace. He is quite an expert! However, the character of Paolo Macchiarini, It went deep into him.

“It wasn’t the first time I played a character based on a person who existed. That allowed me to understand that It’s more like a painting, not a photograph.. The idea was to try to make an approach to the characteristics that made this character worthy, for better or worse, of a series based on his story,” he confessed to The fourth.

The protagonist of the series Universal+ titled Dr Death, revealed what it was like to delve into the Machiavellian head of the scientist who deceived patients to the point of causing their death. The surgeon wanted to be a precursor of regenerative medicine, but his ingenuity was based on a lie, since his innovative trachea transplants seeded with stem cells were not working.

“I have been very lucky because they have offered me characters that go through a complete transformation. They start one way and end a totally different way, this is one of those milestones for me. He is a very complex character, and he had the challenge of not having introspection. When a character walks in the dark, there is always a moment when he recognizes what he did and explains the reasons. “My character never had introspection, and that was very interesting for me, it gave me the opportunity to live the fantasy that Paolo Macchiarini had created,” he added about the creepy fiction.

Edgar Ramírez is Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (Photo by: Scott McDermott/PEACOCK)

“He knew I was lying to them.”

A chilling reality, if you consider that not only did he murder and was tried for misconduct and lack of ethics, He was also accused by former colleagues of falsifying data from his research. prior to experimenting with humans.

“I think one of the saddest and most violent aspects of what this guy did to his patients is that I knew I was lying to them.he went and was able to continue with his experiments regardless of having evidence that they worked or not,” commented the Latin star who is successful in Hollywood.

“For me, That darkness lies in the fact that he manipulated and was able to lie to the people he knew, to people who placed their trust and hope in him. I have played other types of characters where there is a separation, you know? ‘El Chacal’, for example, has a political ideology to justify the damage he is causing, but this character lied to the patients and the patients’ families.”

For Edgar, trust in doctors has been fundamental, in fact, He was very honest and open in revealing that his mother has suffered from heart problems all her life. That’s why this story was so hard to bring to the screen.

“When someone in your family is sick, the whole family is sick, so for my character to be able to manipulate their hopes and their trust and betray them was very dark,” adding that: “This hits very close to home, I have been there, unfortunately many times. “My relationship with doctors has been very important due to some family conditions, especially with my mother, who has always had a heart condition.”

Russian woman died after receiving a trachea transplant with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (Netflix)

How did you prepare for this character?

Ramírez, who in addition to being an actor is a journalist, carried out an investigation into the case that achieved great notoriety a few years agoHowever, he tried not to get carried away with what is publicly known and created his own “Paolo” for the series.

“I started watching documentaries, the documentary that Netflix made about Paolo Macchiarini came out very shortly before we premiered. But obviously there were documents that had been filmed and to which we had access before, from when this case began in Sweden and how he had hidden things, the bad practices he had committed.”

For the interpreter, Paolo “was a very arrogant, even aggressive man.” and I didn’t understand how such an aggressive person had managed to manipulate so many people. I wanted to create a character that no one would suspect, “That he was a nice, smiling guy, a guy that the people around him like, both the people he worked with and the people in his personal life.”

Furthermore, I didn’t want to fall into caricature either: “There were certain points to respect, because there was a public perception, but it is not about imitation and it is not what we do, the imitation is flat, two-dimensional. What I did put a lot of focus on was trying to understand the ethical dilemmas of surgeons, especially those who undertake research that will revolutionize the field.”

Edgar Ramírez as Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, Rita Volk as Yulia Tuulik (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/PEACOCK)

a narcissist

Something that characterizes the surgeon is not only that he is charming, but also a total narcissist: “He never acknowledges his bad actions, he never admits that what he did was wrong, he was very charismatic and used that to get his way.” in all aspects of your life. “The person who is the victim of the narcissist begins to question his own sanity, his own mental sanity, and I think that characteristic is fascinating,”

“He is a character that is discovered through the deplorable things he did, through the points of view of the other characters in the story, for me as an actor it is very interesting. But I’m not going to tell you more, I have to be very careful with the way I answer the questions,” he concluded with a laugh.

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