What are tonsilloliths and why do they increase bad breath in some people | Health & Wellness

What are tonsilloliths and why do they increase bad breath in some people | Health & Wellness
What are tonsilloliths and why do they increase bad breath in some people | Health & Wellness

There is a reason, little known, to relate bad breath to tonsilloliths, small white or yellow lumps, which are often not felt and their presence is unknown.

The tonsils are two glands located at each end and at the bottom of the oral cavity.

Both are part of the immune systemas they help protect the body from diseases and infections, explains Medline Plus.

Therefore, its function is to capture bacteria and viruses that enter through the mouth or nose, and then eliminate them.

Tonsilloliths in the tonsils

Once this is understood, the tonsils also They develop small lumps, called tonsilloliths or stones.

These white or yellow lumps of different sizes develop due to a accumulation of food debris, dead cells and bacteriaexplains Colgate.

How does this happen? According to the site, “tonsils are covered by mucosa. Along this lining, there is a series of pits and crypts… Food remains, bacteria and other debris They can get stuck in these pits“, it is explained.

Therefore, once waste accumulates, They harden and become tonsilloliths.

Does its development cause bad breath?

As a result of this, the small lump is often the cause of halitosis or better known as, bad breathwhich increases due to poor oral hygiene.

According to the Clinica infinity Dental site, these ‘stones’ form infrequently and not all people suffer from them, however, Certain factors will enhance its development and halitosis.

“If you oral hygiene is poor you are more likely to develop tonsilloliths. This is due to the greater presence of oral bacteria in your mouth, as well as other pathogenic microorganisms,” it is detailed.

In the case of bacteria, These increase by not brushing your teeth frequently.along with the non-use of mouthwash and dental floss.

“If they accumulate on teeth and gums, the risk of suffering from tonsilloliths is higher, in addition to the possibility of suffer serious mouth infections“, it is added.

Other factors in the development of these lumps are the increase in mucus secretion, difficulties producing saliva normally and the smoking.

Steps to prevent the growth of tonsilloliths

However, there is a solution to remove it. To get rid of them, the dental website and New York Post recommend Gargling with salt water.

To this, the Infinity Dental Clinic adds the follow a healthy dieta correct oral hygieneand in more extreme cases visit a doctor to qualify for medications.

Other reasons for bad breath

But tonsilloliths are not the only cause of bad breath, since other factors, not all associated with poor oral hygiene, also increase this unpleasant odor.

Better with health

According to the Mayo Clinic, these are Other reasons for halitosis:

1. Food– Food debris on teeth can increase bacteria and cause bad odor.

2. Medications: Some medications cause dry mouth and therefore bad breath, since saliva is essential to eliminate bacteria.

3.Infections in the mouth: Surgical wounds, such as oral surgery, tooth extraction, cavities or gum disease, is also one of the factors that increases halitosis.

4. Diseases: diseases such as the flu, ulcers or heartburn, the latter being one of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease that causes bad breath.

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