The Army launches Patriot and Hawk missiles in an air defense exercise in Huelva

The Army launches Patriot and Hawk missiles in an air defense exercise in Huelva
The Army launches Patriot and Hawk missiles in an air defense exercise in Huelva

He Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command (MAAA) of the Army has carried out an air defense missile launch exercise Patriot and hawk in the maneuvering and firing range Medano del Loro (Huelva).

In the maneuvers, between May 11 and 16, media and personnel from the three MAAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery regiments, the headquarters and the Transmission Unit participated, integrating the different capabilities and weapons systems in one Anti-Aircraft Defense Unit (UDAA).

The UDAA Falconunder the command of Lieutenant Colonel Frankwas organized into a command and control nucleus and a logistics nucleus constituted on the basis of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (RAAA) 74 and a fire core formed by a Hawk missile battery from RAAA 74, a Patriot missile battery from RAAA 73 and C-UAS units of the RAAA 71.

Along with the launch of missiles Patriot and hawkthe MAAA also tested the new capabilities provided by the anti-drone system CervusSpecifically, version I and III of this development of the national industry participated, in service in the 71st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.

The exercise allowed the certification of these units and the training of the crews of the aforementioned weapons systems.

The Army explains that “the setting of the exercise was oriented to the type of threat that is occurring in current conflicts with the objective of verifying the C-UAS capabilities available in the MAAA and the effectiveness of the missile systems hawk and Patriot against drones, cruise missiles and conventional threats.

The missile system hawk is at the end of its operational life. The Army already has a program, known as SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile Systems)for its replacement, although it is still in a very early phase.

In the case of the Patriot system, Spain is committed to modernizing its batteries and missiles in the coming years. Recently, the Ministry of Defense closed the purchase of missiles GEM-T Patriot along with Germany, Romania and the Netherlands, also users of this air defense system.

Spain has delivered several batteries to Ukraine hawk along with missiles (between 2022 and 2023) and a batch of missiles Patriot (in February 2024) to contribute to Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense against Russian attacks.

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