Enter Medicine by repeating EBAU: tricks to achieve it

Enter Medicine by repeating EBAU: tricks to achieve it
Enter Medicine by repeating EBAU: tricks to achieve it

Come into Medicine Degree It is not an easy task, since the price to get a desk in said university degree is an almost perfect cut-off grade at the end of Baccalaureate and selectivity. That is why those who pursue this objective in an unquestionable way are forced in some cases to re-study. repeat the EBAU in a second attempt, given that in the first they did not achieve that complicated and demanding qualification.

Pablo Lafuente He faced this situation up to four times. A FP, four EBAU and a year of Nursing led him to access a degree in Medicine, in which he is currently in his third year. During the successive calls to which he appeared, he little by little polished his study method to make a selectivity according to the demands of this University degree. Maintaining the general phase, it was presented Biology and chemistry as specific subjects, and placed special emphasis on summaries and outlines. But if he had to stick with a single study method that helped him when repeating this exam, he is clear: “I improved as I took more exams from other years, paying more attention to the corrections of the answers and seeing the style of questions .The year I noticed, I managed to enter Medicine“.

How to prepare to repeat the EBAU for Medicine

Another thing that helped him the most was changing his study method to a more practical one that prioritized understanding over concept retention. “It is not necessary to memorize it as such, because the questions were sometimes more about applying knowledge,” she maintains. “It helped me a lot understand things before studying nothing, because what you don’t understand is going to be forgotten in a day or two,” he remarks, referring especially to the subject of Biology. “It’s about understanding things with a lot of foundation to polish little by little,” he adds. To do this, he used tools summaries or outlines that helped him “have clearer ideas.”

“It helped me a lot to understand things before studying them, because what you don’t understand you will forget in a day or two”

His own experience also ended up being an advantage when facing the successive tests he took. “He told myself that already I had done it before, nothing happened and that it could be done,” he says. Furthermore, in his last attempts he managed to get his mind together and visualize himself entering the door of a Medical School and achieving his dream. “That helped me a lot, because If I had my head occupied with fear it was worse, I focused on visualizing myself achieving my goal,” he says.

Entering Medicine after taking the EBAU several times

But even with all these ideas in mind, intrusive thoughts and fears They are also common for those applicants who repeat the selectivity to train as doctors. Lafuente asked himself if he would be able to study this career after having to resort to so many attempts to achieve it, but upon entering university for the first time he understood that they were not that important. “I thought that when I entered I was going to fail all of them, but I saw that in the race there are people of all ages who have repeated selectivity many times, who come from races or cycles… And you realize that it is nonsense,” he relates.

“I thought that when I entered I was going to fail everything, but I saw that in the race there are people of all ages, who have repeated the selectivity exam many times… I saw that it was nonsense”

Therefore, it recommends to those who are going to apply for this call afterand one or more attempts to become doctors to get out of that ‘bubble’ and understand that their situation is normal. “Everyone has their own path and timing, and if you don’t succeed in your year you can try it next year. At first it frustrates you, but in the end you get it,” he says.

Errors that lower the grade in the EBAU

Carlos Osorio has received in its selectivity preparation academy several cases such as that of Lafuente, of students who undergo the selectivity several times to access Medicine. He shares this same vision with the student, as he encourages his students to keep in mind all the effort they have made and try to leave those insecurities aside while they take the exam. “We recommend that you be calm and trust the entire process have done previously, since one of the main factors that lowers grades in exams is nerves,” he explains. To achieve this, he insists on “going with confidence and calm once the mistakes made previously have been analyzed to learn from them and improve the grade in the next calls,” he adds.

This last point is the most important throughout the preparation, since the Osorio training center focuses on identify the student’s failures and improve them facing the next exams.”We focus on learning from the mistakes made and analyzing the student’s weak points to reinforce them. Getting into Medicine is a matter of tenths and for this it is not only worth knowing the basis but you have to go one step further and go to the small details that make the difference,” he concludes.

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