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Family Constellations analyze the relationship of the subject with his mother and father.

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The specialist in Family Constellations and Biodecoding, Monica Balderrama defended the work that is done from these disciplines and emphasized: “There is a need to heal in people and this has deepened since the pandemic. “There is a great need to be listened to, because we have not been listened to and this makes it difficult for us to manage our emotions.”

Interpret the physical and emotional symptom

Baderrama explained to UNO that both in Constellations and Biodecoding a physical symptom is interpreted, which is caused by an emotion that was not well managed. “It could be something that happened in childhood, that you couldn’t talk about, something that you heard, that you saw and no one could explain to you, from there the needs to speak and be heard arise.”

“On a daily basis, I find in the sessions that there are people who have the need to cry. We provide accompaniment. We don’t cure because that’s what medicine is for.. Yes we are healers“, put white on black the coaching specialist who works in several South American countries in video call sessions.

And he commented that Their work is on par with with other professionals and remarked: “In the sessions I invite patients to These things that we saw in the session can be shared with your therapist.”.

Regarding the statements made by Mental Health professionals about the endorsement of these disciplines, the biodecoder recognized that “there is no university degree that accredits knowledge, but unlike psychology, we go to a deeper part, which is the emotions“.

In these ten years of career, the specialist in Family Constellations observed that There is great ignorance about emotions: “People don’t know what a emotional symptom and that’s when we realize that we don’t listen to our emotions and that it has an impact on the physical part.”

The technique consists of going back with that physical symptom and trace at what moment in life a specific event occurred to seek to understand it.

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Biodecoding seeks to interpret what emotion a physical symptom is talking about.

“It would be very positive if from the different areas of Medicine It is recommended to make a consultation from emotions. In the past, doctors would talk to their patients and try to recognize what component of emotion was in a body condition. “They would sit at the foot of the bed and go straight to find out what situation the patient experienced that triggered that symptom,” he considered.

A session can be held once a month and It has a value ranging from $12,000 to $15,000 depending on the center or the reference being consulted, data obtained in a UNO survey in the Province.

Diversity of centers, techniques and alternative methods in Mendoza

On social networks you can find a large amount of offers on Biodecoding, Family Constellations, movement in the chakras, floral therapies, among others that seek to be a passage for relaxation, for the well-being of mind and body.

“Both Family Constellations and Biodecoding are practically very similar, the only difference is that in the first it gets straight to the people with mom and dad In order to know what happened and in the bio, I work with the family tree and the transgenerational, according to date of birth, name and some techniques I wonder if any family member has an incident? in the date and name in the repetition of the story“Balderrama detailed.

The biodecoding of the family tree is based on the belief that Problems can be repeated from generation to generation.

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Biodecoding from the family tree.

Biodecoding from the family tree.

The facilitator Sandra Musa and specialist in Family Constellations explained in a recent interview with UNO that the Biodecoding sessions are individual and consist of reveal where the root of a symptom or behavior comes from and the interview lasts no more than an hour and a half.

“The root of Biodecoding is understanding that the disease comes to help you survive. It is difficult to understand how an illness or a symptom can help me. That’s what we allow people to interpret, that what the patient does not do, the body does through a symptom”he described.

In a practical example he highlighted: “I don’t want to go to work and a sprain occurs. I don’t want to be sitting in a chair, at a desk and I’m going to have hemorrhoids. The body is decoding. We are dedicated to helping youFind out why your body is speaking through that symptom”.

The concern of Mental Health specialists regarding these techniques

The College of Psychologists of Mendoza prepared a document to establish its position regarding the installation of these techniques:

“In principle it is worth mentioning our concern “given the proliferation of deregulated practices such as: Family Constellations, Biodecoding, regressions, Coaching and other diversity of techniques, generally applied by people who do not have any professional qualifications or registration in psychology,” begins the paper prepared by the entity.

And he continues: “Therapeutic refers to any practice that aims to treat ailments or illnesses. In fact, the etymology of the word therapy, with Greek roots, means treatment, that which relieves or treats. In that sense, a walk, a meeting with friends, or a few hours of sleep or rest at the right time. Therapeutic is what relieves. It is of great importance to differentiate professional approaches in mental health from those proposals that are framed in searches for personal development.,spiritual, etc.”

Consultations. The Psychology degree shares its services with the entire society.

The Mendoza College of Psychologists expressed concern about the proliferation of alternative techniques and warned about the lack of endorsements for their practice.

The Mendoza College of Psychologists expressed concern about the proliferation of alternative techniques and warned about the lack of endorsements for their practice.

“In no way can we ignore that we are constantly in the ‘search for answers’ and that throughout history humanity each social group has taken different paths to find these answers. In that sense, art 19 of the National Constitution protects the private actions that do not affect third parties as reserved and exempt from the authority of the magistrates. However, the personal creed or what is therapeutic for each subject in the field of their intimate life, It cannot be confused or equated with professional practices in the field of health in general. and mental health in particular, because the same require both specific academic training that accredits the acquisition of certain knowledge and practices as well as, as a fundamental legal requirement, validation with a title and qualifying registration“.

In another paragraph of the opinion consulted with Mental Health specialists they add: “We disagree with a policy of concentration of knowledge, we are committed to the collective construction of mental health devices with the participation of users as proposed by the Health Law Mental. In this way, from our perspective, it is central to protect health users when consulting, since theyThe current legal frameworks protect those who consult from bad practices.“.

In that sense, they point out that “thealternative practices and the institutions that train in these practices They lack recognition from the educational system and therefore They are exempt from all types of regulation both in training and later in exercise. In this way, private practices result to which each citizen is exposed without a current legal protection framework. Lack of adequate regulation and supervision can lead to potential risks to the mental health and well-being of userss, this is why we emphasize the importance of therapeutic interventions being carried out by properly trained professionals, who have solid training in psychological theory, therapeutic techniques supported by scientific evidence and commitment to the ethical principles of the profession.” .

It should be remembered that any user has the possibility of consulting the College of professionals with qualifying registration.

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