Controversial audios from the Jaramillo minsalud reveal chaos in the teachers’ health service

Controversial audios from the Jaramillo minsalud reveal chaos in the teachers’ health service
Controversial audios from the Jaramillo minsalud reveal chaos in the teachers’ health service

The new health model for teachers has generated dissatisfaction on the part of teachers, who have come from various places in the country to the Bogotá headquarters of Fiduprevisora, the entity in charge of the Social Benefits Fund for Teachers (Fomag), to show their dissatisfied with the medical service since last May 1st.

Even from Fecode, they stated that “the transition has not been easy, there have been traumas in several items of the law such as dispensing of medicines, headquarters, references and counter-references, which has affected the possibility of hundreds of members seeing their expectations met.” facing an issue as crucial as health.

However, the teachers union highlighted the work that the National Government, Fomag and Fiduprevisora ​​have carried out looking for solutions to the difficulties.

Jaramillo blamed Fiduprevisora

About these alertsthe Minister of Health, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, in the Sixth Commission of the Senate, recognized that “this was not what Health promised, this was not what we sold to the teachers. This was not what they accepted. So, where is the participation? The teachers are not “they are heard.”

Even, pointed out Fiduprevisora ​​as responsible for the difficulties and stated that this entity is having “deaf ears” on teachers’ complaints.

In the debate, Jaramillo said that there is no responsibility of President Gustavo Petro in the implementation of the model and that everything has been “managed by Dr. Mauricio Marín (president of Fiduprevisora)”.

New audio revealed by La FM

Regarding the implementation of the new health model for teachers, the journalist D’arcy Quinn, on the radio station La FM, revealed some audios that would show the chaos in the implementation of the system and the improvisation in it, as indicated by the teachers who have protested in Bogotá.

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In a meeting about the model in which Minister Jaramillo, the president of Fiduprevisora, Mauricio Marín, among other officials, participated, some of the inconveniences that had already occurred since May 7 were detailed.

Regarding drug authorizations, Jaramillo mentions that it is a time “of crisis, of necessity, of urgency” and adds that “then we do what the president says”, “that there is no need to tie things up” and “that it will be fixed later when the audit comes.”

Specifically, Minister Jaramillo says in that audio: “That the drug pays for it, as soon as the bill passes, no sir, at that price, no; this price is this. It will be fixed later when the audit is due.”

For his part, Marín, regarding medicines, says that President Petro was asked about the service with IPS and “he explicitly said that not with the IPS” and insisted “that we should not make purchases with the IPS,” said the president of Fiduprevisora ​​about the order of the agent.

Marín added that the president’s instruction was to hold a “reverse auction” in six months and “we would go out and buy directly from the industry.”

In another of the audios revealed by Darcy Quinn, Minister Jaramillo would have made it clear to the president of Fiduprevisora ​​that if the new health model did not prosper, The fault was going to be theirs.

“If you blame me, I blame you,” Jaramillo is heard saying in the recording.

​Later, the minister says that ““If this goes wrong there will be wood for everyone.”


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