Registration is open for the Business Sports Games 10 years promoting well-being. – Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas

The Manizales Business Sports Games reach their tenth version. During these years the impact on the quality of life of the workers of Caldens companies, the generation of sports spaces where the strengthening of healthy habits and healthy recreation is possible, have been evident, thus contributing to the well-being of the workers and their families. productivity in companies.

The Games have the objective of generating spaces for integration and use of free time for businessmen, merchants and employees of companies in Manizales and Caldas around recreational and sports activities, for this they are carried out in alliance with the associations of Caldas: ANDI , ACOPI, FENALCO, CAMACOL, Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas, Cotelco, together with the Mayor’s Office of Manizales, Government of Caldas and Confa.

This version will take place between the months of July and November in different sports venues in the city and the Santágueda de Confa Recreation Center, which have all the technical conditions to carry out each sporting event.

Athletes and companies may participate in group and individual disciplines as follows:

Group disciplines:

Individual disciplines

  • EA FC 24. Soccer video game

  • Men’s and women’s swimming.

  • Athletic career – Run healthy.

  • Hike recreational route

  • Male and female bike tour.

  • Men’s and women’s field tennis.

  • Men’s and women’s table tennis.

  • Three cushion billiards

  • Billiards pool 9 ball

The rates are according to the Confa membership category.

The practice of sport in the business environment contributes to the well-being of workers, strengthens the mental state, generates an important balance between work and personal life, improves the work environment, teamwork and allows the development of important skills for work. such as negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership, which enhances the productivity of companies.

Registration for the tenth Business Sports Games will be open and is done through this form or at the Confa service points.

Workers and companies from Manizales and nearby municipalities are expected to actively participate in this space that contributes to physical and mental well-being, but also becomes a moment of meeting and connection with others around the experience of sport.

Those interested can also contact their association, or ask their questions through the web chat at, or by email [email protected]

Full audio and video: Jorge Andrés Loaiza Confa Sports Coordinators

Communications Team

10th Business Sports Games

Manizales 2024

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