“I revived him for 30 minutes.”

“I revived him for 30 minutes.”
“I revived him for 30 minutes.”

There is mourning in Colombia for the death of the composer Omar Geles. The death of one of the icons of vallenato, a minstrel and representative of Colombian folklore, has shocked the country.

Óscar Martínez, the doctor who received Omar Geles at the Erasmo Clinic, Valleduparspoke with journalist José Gómez Daza, in statements that were published by Telecaribe News. In the interview, the doctor said that the composer arrived without vital signs after suffering a heart attack while playing tennis.

Funeral of Vallenato singer Omar Geles, in Valledupar | Photo: Colpress

According to his explanation, the family of the vallenato singer, specifically the father, already had a health history related to cardiac issues. “He arrived without vital signs, he was 15 to 20 minutes from the event. Relatives report that he collapsed on the tennis court after eating.

Martínez also noted that he revived Omar Geles for 30 minutes. “Endotracheal intubation was performed, we began resuscitation, he was resuscitated for 30 minutes, food was found in his airway and it was most likely a coronary syndrome. After 30 minutes in the clinic and 15 before that he was declared deceased.”

Regarding the singer and composer’s possible coronary history, when he supposedly had a crisis in the United States, the doctor said that it was decisive for his death. “Yes, that’s right, that could have been it,” adding that perhaps “studies could have been done” and at most when, he said, his family gave him information according to which his father also suffered from a heart condition.

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“It is with deep sadness that the Erasmo LTDA Clinic informs of the death of Mr. Omar Antonio Geles Suárez, “a Vallenato singer-songwriter very recognized and loved by all of us, who arrived at our facilities without vital signs today, May 21, after suffering a syncope while playing tennis,” he stated in the statement.

Geles’ health status, without a doubt, had been worrying his followers for some time, since last April he had to be admitted to a medical center in the United States after collapsing on stage during his tour.

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In a publication dated April 28, 2024, on the social network X, he published: “Being grateful is the most precious gift and I have no way to repay them because they were attentive to my health. To GOD the glory because he is the owner of life and everything, I still need a very large handful of songs to give to the masters, here I am like an oak tree!” He had traveled to that country since April 16, 2024.

It should be mentioned that the famous musician suffered from high blood pressure (hypertension), a delicate disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Given the uncertainty of what syncope is, the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (Semi), pointed out that It is a “sudden and temporary loss of consciousness and postural tone, of short duration and with spontaneous recovery”. This is generated when there is a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain, which triggers a faint in the person who suffers it.

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