She is 101 and told what is the strict exercise routine that helps her show off her longevity

She is 101 and told what is the strict exercise routine that helps her show off her longevity
She is 101 and told what is the strict exercise routine that helps her show off her longevity


Today’s oldest people have become of interest, as many are looking for the secrets to maintaining a daily habit that will lead them to live for many years. One of the most famous is the Spanish one Laura Fernandezwho has 101 years and is preparing to turn 102 in August. This week, she gave an interview to a local media in which she detailed the routine she follows to be so well at that age.

Laura Fernández received the journalists from Antenna 3 in the kitchen of his home, where he cycles and, despite the visit, he did not leave the machine because he still had half an hour left. This is the lifestyle of a woman who reached the age of 101 and who, according to her relatives, has lucidity, energy and vitality.

Laura Fernández is 101 years old. Photo: elperiodico

The long-lived woman, born in Oursense, Spain, became a widow in 2007 and, since that year, has lived with Lourdes, one of her daughters. He rides an hour a day, half forward and half backward, even on weekends; However, if one day it passes, it is not “punished” either. Balance is very important when leading this lifestyle, but without exaggerating. Regarding her free time, Laura stated: “I take advantage of it to be alone and to pray the rosary, it takes me half an hour, so I still have some time for myself.”

However, what everyone wants to know are their secrets to longevity. When faced with that question, Fernández took it calmly and answered: “I always did what I wanted, I ate everything, I moved, I have a good mood and I play sports. Maybe it’s a mix of all that.” Likewise, he referred to his personality and the way he takes things on a day-to-day basis: “I prefer not to be in a bad mood, but don’t believe it, I have a lot of character.”.

Laura Fernández has been a widow since 2007 and lives with one of her daughters, named Lourdes. Photo: elperiodico

The curious thing about this woman is that throughout her years He had knee surgery twice and hip surgery once.. For this reason, the doctors told him that he would not walk again as he did before; However, he surprised everyone, especially his daughter, who also spoke with the aforementioned media.

“They told us that she was always going to have a cane, that she wouldn’t be able to move much, and look at her,” Lourdes commented and then added: “And that’s what we do, admire their good physical and mental health.. Her memory fails her only when we ask her about her family, sometimes she says ‘I think I have five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, but I’m not sure, there are too many’ (…) She has more vitality than me, sometimes I force her to leave the house, but many other times she is the one who pulls me”.

For her part, Lourdes did not inherit this love for exercise from her mother and it is she who inspires her to do activities outside the home. In Spain, Laura Fernández has already given a large number of interviews to different media in which she talked about her small habits to be in great condition.


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