Take note to know if your chakras are misaligned

Take note to know if your chakras are misaligned
Take note to know if your chakras are misaligned

Have you felt stuck, with your life unbalanced and health problems? Well, there are symptoms that can prevent the normal flow of the energy and manifest with physical and emotional problems affecting the health and welfare of the person. Bodily discomfort, as well as emotional discomfort, can have its roots in an imbalance on the spiritual level. Many times diseases are born as a result of a malfunction or a blockage in one of the chakras.

Chakras It derives from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc. In yoga, for example, there are seven main chakras that are aligned along the spine. In fact, when energy flows unhindered through these centers of energythe body, mind and soul benefit from this balanced coordination to enjoy good Health & Wellness.

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To enjoy good health, the chakras must be aligned and in balance.png

How do blocked chakras affect energy, health and well-being?

Bodily and mental illnesses, as well as emotional problems, can be attributed to a malfunction of one of the chakras. Each chakra has a meaning and a part of the body attributed to it, so each of them is responsible for different symptoms that manifest throughout the body.

  • First chakra: If the energy does not flow through the first chakra, survival mechanisms will be affected. That is, if it is misaligned, there may be fear of facing daily life with mistrust and shyness.
  • Second chakra: It reduces the ability and desire to enjoy. Sexual difficulties such as anorgasmia have their origin in a malfunction of this chakra. Furthermore, this chakra is responsible for creativity and expression, so an energy blockage there can represent difficulties in communicating emotions.
  • Third chakra: It is associated with the feeling of inferiority, insecurity and lack of confidence. This chakra may be responsible for digestive problems. Its imbalance often causes chronic fatigue.
  • Fourth chakra: Control your feelings, feeling a disconnection from your emotions or having difficulty loving and accepting others is normal if this chakra is blocked. Heart and respiratory diseases, also located in the chest, can be part of an imbalance.
  • Fifth chakra: All throat diseases arise due to its malfunction, but also problems communicating with others, and excess or lack of speech.
  • Sixth chakra: Vision problems are due to a malfunction of this chakra. Headaches and migraines also originate from this energy center. A dysregulation here can lead to mental confusion such as personality disorders.
  • Seventh chakra: A failure in the functioning of this chakra could be the cause of a person moving away from their spiritual path since it is associated with the connection with the divine and cosmic consciousness.

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Chakras: general symptoms of energy blockage

The manifestations that this is happening can be both physical and emotional. These are some of the general symptoms:


  • Difficulty to sleep
  • Lack of concentration
  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Problems when communicating
  • Feeling of being stuck


  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • urinary problems
  • Pain in the hips or pelvis
  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sore throat

We must keep in mind that any activity that we can carry out to restore our emotional balance and unblock chakras will help improve the Health & Wellness and of the energies.

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