The link between the son of ‘La Gata’ and the clinic where the attack against him occurred

The link between the son of ‘La Gata’ and the clinic where the attack against him occurred
The link between the son of ‘La Gata’ and the clinic where the attack against him occurred

Since last December 12, the former mayor of Magangué, Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of the deceased Enilce López ‘La Gata’, was confined in a room at the Mediclínica Soluciones Integrales en Salud clinic.located at 47#80-81 in the city of Barranquilla.

In said medical center they were expected to evaluate the ‘medical discharge’, that is, It will be determined whether the health conditions that Jorge Luis Alfonso López supposedly suffers from have been overcome.and that they have been enjoying the benefit of house arrest since last year.

According to an expert report from Legal Medicine, dated September 13, 2023, it was established that Alfonso López, former mayor of Magangué, sentenced to 29 years in prison for homicide, suffers from the following conditions: difficult-to-manage arterial hypertension, hypertrophic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea and hypopnea syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, convulsive syndrome, morbid obesity, hypothyroidism, hypertriglyceridemia, high-grade cardiac arrhythmiasamong other.

The justice section of ‘EL TIEMPO’ established that it is no coincidence that ‘La Gata”s son is being held in said medical center, in which armed men tried to make an attempt on his life.

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The link between Jorge Luis Alfonso López and the clinic that treats him

Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of Enilce López. ‘The cat’.

Photo:Private/supplied file

EL TIEMPO established that the largest shareholder of the medical center ‘Mediclínica Soluciones Integrales en Salud’ was, until 2021, the deceased architect and accordion player Rubén Darío Lanao Ríos, father of Silvestre Dangond’s until recently accordion player, Rubén Lanao, separated from the group in the midst of a scandal over gender violence.

In shareholder minutes for 2021, which this media accessed, Mr. Rubén Darío Lanao Ríos was listed as the owner of 47% of the clinic’s shares; and with 17% was Mrs. Carmen Cumplido Carrascal, who appears in the records of the Ministry of Health as the current legal representative of the clinic.

Rubén Lanao Ríos appears as the main shareholder of the clinic where the son of ‘La Gata’ was attacked


Despite his death, Lanao continues to appear on the certificate of existence and legal representation as the manager of the clinic.along with Carmen Cumplido, as substitute manager

Why is the name of the deceased Rubén Lanao relevant? Because appears as one of the partners of one of the companies that caused the dismissal and disqualification, for 18 years, of the former mayor of Magangué, Jorge Luis Alfonso López

Ruben Darío Lanao continues to appear in certificates from the Chamber of Commerce as manager of the clinic where the son of ‘La Gata’ was attacked


Serviencobros, one of the companies for which the son of ‘La Gata’ was dismissed

In the judicial file for which The Attorney General’s Office dismissed the son of ‘La Gata’, whom EL TIEMPO agreed to, The company Serviencobros EAT is mentioned

Jorge Luis Alfonso was dismissed for conflict of interest and improper interest in the execution of contracts, specifically, for having entered into contracts with several companies, including Serviencobros EAT.“despite the close relationship of friendship, trust and business that united him with the partners of the contracting companies.”

Ruben Darío Lanao, who was the manager and the largest shareholder of the clinic where Jorge Luis Alfonso rests, was also a shareholder and treasurer of the company Serviencobros.

Rubén Darío Lanao and his son, the accordionist Rubén Lanao

Photo:Instagram @rubencholanao

In this company, created in Magangué, in 2004, Messrs. Rubén Darío Lanao Ríos, Vladimir José Gómez Anaya and Asael Arteta Arango appeared as associates.

Arteta Arango, at the time of the events, also appeared as the majority shareholder and substitute manager of Aposucre, one of the chance companies linked to Enilce López Romero, or ‘the lady’, as she was known on the coast.

According to the Attorney General’s file, the Former mayor Jorge Luis Alfonso López had a relationship with the deceased Rubén Lanao, the main shareholder and manager, until 2021, of the clinic in which it is determined whether he will be released to return to prison.

“The relationship of the disciplined person with Mr. Lanao Ríos becomes evident when he issued to him, from his BBVA checking account No. 0013-422006 775, check No. 0000007 dated August 4, 2003 for $28,000,000 and check No. 0000051 for $15,000,000 dated February 11, 2004,” the file states.

​Ana María Cuesta -Justice Editor

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