The Sensory Power that Illuminates the Consumer’s Well-being has arrived

Ingredients Latam was in the Vitafoods Europea in Geneva, Switzerland, and visited the Lubrizol Booth with Isabel Gomez, Global Marketing Manager who shared valuable information on how sensory science is transforming the world of nutraceuticals.

From creating smaller tablets to choosing ingredients that captivate consumers, Lubrizol is leading the way to brighter wellness.

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Creating Smaller Tablets in Nutraceuticals

Lubrizol is showcasing Carbopol® for nutraceuticals, a new EU food grade approval that allows manufacturers to differentiate their portfolio and create unique product claims. The multifunctional benefits of Carbopol polymers offer consumer-focused solutions by providing a convenient way to make tablets smaller and easier to digest.

Additionally, the unique properties of polymers can provide stable and controlled release or suspension of active ingredients, ensuring a constant supply of nutraceutical benefits.

Captivating Consumers with Science and Sensory

Isabel emphasizes the importance of satisfying consumer needs. At Lubrizol, she understands that consumers seek products that not only contain scientifically and clinically backed ingredients, but also those that offer a positive sensory experience.

Lubrizol offers a comprehensive line of products, including Lipofer™ and Magshape™, backed by science and designed to delight consumers. These bioavailable and microencapsulated ingredients allow manufacturers to differentiate their portfolios and create unique products on the market.

Magnesium as a TOP Ingredient in Nutraceuticals

Magnesium, known as the mineral of mindfulness, is gaining prominence. It has been shown to facilitate hormonal balance, enzyme activity, and neurotransmitter function that regulates mood and stress relief. Lubrizol offers Magshape™, a microencapsulated source of magnesium that provides all the benefits of magnesium without concerns of low absorption or organoleptic stability. Magshape™ contributes to proper muscle function and energy levels to improve performance.

Iron and its Formulation Challenge

Iron is a popular supplement, but consumers are looking for alternatives that offer a positive experience. Iron supplements are often associated with unpleasant side effects, such as metallic taste and upset stomach. Lubrizol offers Lipofer™, a reliable solution that guarantees pleasant taste and low gastric irritation. Lipofer™ provides bioavailable iron without the common problems associated with other iron supplements.

Sensory science and innovative ingredients are transforming consumer well-being. Lubrizol leads this change by offering solutions that are not only effective, but also pleasing to the senses.

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