Ripoll and De Prado co-direct the first Chair of Traumatology and Sports Medicine

lto CEU San Pablo University yesterday he presented his new chair of Traumatology and Sports Medicine which will have as its owner the Dr. Pedro Luis Ripolla pioneer of Sports Medicine, and a steering committee of the highest level: traumatologists Mariano de Prado, Mikel Sánchez and Ramón Cugat. A well-known lineup among elite athletes who have passed through his wise hands to continue their sports careers after injury, both nationally and internationally.

The event brought together the four doctors who will co-direct this chair in a more than important commitment to specialized teaching in sports activity with the aim of training other specialists with innovative techniques, as well as promoting the exchange of ideas that allow knowledge to be quickly transferred from the consultation to the classroom and vice versa.

Dr. Ripoll, during his intervention.

In the act, the Dr. Ripoll has highlighted the increasing importance of “performing an ‘electrocardiogram’ of the musculoskeletal system, that is, a test that would allow us to have precise information on each patient/athlete with the help of movement analysis laboratories. These studies provide objective data on the gait of patients with injuries: how they modify their anatomical structure depending on the movement, what is the electrical activity of the muscles or the strength of the extremities when walking or running.” For their part, Mikel Sanchezhas also influenced the “collaboration of the practical application of knowledge in a multidisciplinary environmentnot only for the athlete, but also for the population.

Reference in training

We believe that the future lies in making Traumatology a less mechanical specialty, without so many screws and plates, stimulating biology

Pedro Luis Ripoll

This chair aims to be a reference in training regarding sports medicine and all its actors. It is not only dedicated to trauma doctors, but also to rehabilitators, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. that have an influence on an athlete’s return after an injury. Thus, emphasis will also be placed on ‘regenerative medicine’ applied to traumatology, since “We believe that the future lies in making Traumatology a less mechanical specialty, without so many screws and plates, stimulating biology,” explains Dr. Ripoll..

Among its activities, they will be carried out scientific conferences, courses, symposiums and expert meetings, as well as the publication of documents or monographs related to the aforementioned areas. Within the framework of these proposals, the Chair has already held the Conferences on Foot and Ankle Pathology in Football Players and, for the month of September, a new monographic course on knee meniscal pathology will be convened. The event was attended by the rector of the CEU, Rosa Visiedo and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Tomas Chivato.

Ripoll and Prado Medical Groupa medical institution renowned worldwide for its care, research and teaching work, thus actively participates in an initiative that aims to provide the necessary scientific information on traumatology and orthopedic surgery, degenerative medicine and clinical biomechanics, as well as constitute a debate forum for professionals whose scientific or professional activity focuses on this area of ​​knowledge and research.

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