Fecoer on teacher health

Fecoer on teacher health
Fecoer on teacher health
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He executive director of the Colombian Federation of Rare Diseases (Fecoer), Diego Gilsent a message to the National Government about the transition in the health regime of teacherswhose model changed on May 1.

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For Gil, the more than 800,000 members of the National Fund for Social Benefits of Teachers (Fomag) “Today they are facing the disaster of the implementation of the new health care model, which is putting their lives at risk.”

In this regard, the director criticized that the President Gustavo Petro has blamed the failures on software of that systemwhich supposedly “was taking members with the old operators, mocking the change that the Government really wanted.”

“However, the recent actions of the Ministry of Health and Fiduprevisora, which is the entity in charge of managing Fomag resources, have shown that there is a total administrative disorderwhere no one takes responsibility and where What matters the least is the well-being of the members”said Diego Gil.

In that sense, the director of Fecoer pointed out that This “improvisation” has been reflected in “more than 14,000 claims between January and April 2024according to data from the Health Superintendency.”

On the other hand, he mentioned that “Fomag members are completely adrift and their health is totally unprotected.”

Finally, he indicated that the implementation of these changes in the model of care for members of the teaching profession “is the preview of the disaster that could come for all Colombiansis the anticipation of a disaster that could be multiplied up to 60 times and that can take many lives.”

“President Gustavo Petro, we reiterate the invitation from Fecoer to be able to generate consensus and advance decisions that are responsible, technical and progressive to improve health care for all Colombians, especially that of those people who suffer or who live with conditions that They are chronic, complex and require special care,” he pointed out.

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