Fifth Naval Zone supported medical operation in Chaitén

Fifth Naval Zone supported medical operation in Chaitén
Fifth Naval Zone supported medical operation in Chaitén

Specialist doctors from the Naval Reserve and the Fifth Naval Zone traveled to Chaitén, in the Province of Palena, to provide medical care to patients in the commune, an activity that had the support of the Reloncaví Health Service and was carried out in facilities from the local hospital.

As detailed by the Captain of the Port of Chaitén, Litoral Second Lieutenant Claudio Pérez, “in this instance, the care of nearly 100 patients was achieved with the aim of reducing waiting lists. For the Chilean Navy, it is essential to provide this type of support to the community in an area as sensitive as health and in a geographical location that is difficult to access such as the commune of Chaitén and the province of Palena.”

For his part, Second Lieutenant of the Naval Reserve and urologist, Alejandro Caroca, explained that “first as a Chilean, it is a great pride to bring help to our compatriots, who are in locations that still have connectivity and isolation difficulties. Therefore, as doctors, it is a duty and an imperative of social and professional responsibility to contribute to mitigating the waiting lists for care from medical specialists for our patients.”

Finally, the specialist pointed out that “as a Naval Reserve, it is a duty and a pride during the Month of the Sea, having just commemorated the heroic deed of Captain Arturo Prat and remembred the nobility and bravery of Surgeon Videla, to be able to support the excellent work that carried out by the Chilean Navy, especially the Fifth Naval Zone, and bring it closer to the community in isolated areas, which on this occasion allowed us to care for nearly 100 patients.”

With this type of support and operations, the Navy fulfills its various mission areas at the service of Chile, in this case, the Contribution to National Development and State action in isolated areas.

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