Breathwork: The business of learning to breathe, the new obsession of the wellness industry | Wellbeing | S Fashion

Breathwork: The business of learning to breathe, the new obsession of the wellness industry | Wellbeing | S Fashion
Breathwork: The business of learning to breathe, the new obsession of the wellness industry | Wellbeing | S Fashion

The usual thing is to take breathing for granted and not consider it more than a routine action of our body. However, it also manages emotions, detoxifies body and mind, regulates moods and releases stagnant energy. Just take a look at bookstores to discover that many people are beginning to give breathing the importance it has. There are so many publications, exercises, workshops and even programs with which to learn to breathe that everything seems to indicate that it is a phenomenon similar to the moment in which humanity understood that to stay well physically and mentally it was essential to get enough sleep.

The psychologist Catalina Rojas Benedetti, specialized in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques, teaches sessions of breathwork, a conscious breathing technique with which to unlock body, mind and emotions by accessing memories. It ensures that this practice not only improves physical and emotional well-being, but can also be a gateway to spiritual exploration for which no prior preparation is required. Their sessions last approximately one hour, and are done breathing through the mouth and chest in a circular and connected manner. “During the session, constant and controlled breathing generates different body sensations that can open memories and emotions stored in the body. As these emotions manifest, emphasis is placed on exhalation to facilitate their release,” he explains to S Fashion. Consider that the breathwork soon it will be the new meditation or the new yoga.

Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow has already become interested in the benefits of breathing. At the Goop Summit, conferences focused on well-being organized by her lifestyle company, Ashley Neese, a breathing guru who teaches breathing classes, spoke. breathwork to Paltrow’s employees, further proof that breathing has already begun to interest large corporations, who trust that it helps their employees focus their minds and cope with the daily stress of their work. Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband, Chris Martin, also worships breathing guru Patrick McKeown, thanks to whom he claims he is able to act in his full capacity after reading the book. The Power of Oxygen: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques That Will Revolutionize Your Health and Fitnesswhere he teaches methods with which to counteract bad breathing habits.

The concern about breathing correctly is real and with it applications have begun to emerge to master the subject. And breathing gurus like Vivian Rosenthal, whose breathing sessions breathwork They cost 400 euros, show that more and more people are willing to pay fortunes to master conscious breathing. In fact, the latest protocol incorporated into SHA Wellness Clinic is Transformative breathingwhich combines the benefits of an ice bath (which, of course, Paltrow has already tried, as she demonstrated on Netflix with The Goop Lab With Gwyneth Paltrow) with the therapeutic power of breathing. The experience Breath for Wellness consists of a consultation with Dr. Cinthya Molina, psychologist at SHA Wellness Clinic, who explains the importance of correct breathing in all areas of the body and its benefits, followed by a session of mind and body in which the respiratory techniques necessary both for this treatment and for day-to-day life are taught. The price of Transformative breathing? 940 euros. Apparently, breathing well is not only not as intuitive as it may seem, but it is also not cheap.

Catalina Rojas Benedetti points out that people breathe at their minimum power, that is, superficially and with the sole purpose of staying alive, without taking advantage of all the benefits of deep and conscious breathing. “These techniques improve oxygenation, reduce stress, and increase our energy and overall well-being,” she explains.

Consider that immersed in a society that fears feeling, breathing can reconcile people with their emotions, as it ensures that breathing is totally related to their management. “The way we breathe reflects the emotional state we are in. When we breathe consciously, we instantly activate the connection with our body. Through it we can allow ourselves to feel. When we fear feeling, what we are actually doing is generating tensions in the body, energetic blockages, that do not allow those emotions to manifest. Through breathing, we can begin to relate to them in a healthy and direct way,” says the author of The spirit of breathinga book that offers practical tools to reeducate the way you breathe.

Iván Sánchez, conscious breathing therapist, points out that the only ones who breathe well are newborn babies. “Inhibiting breathing allows you to temporarily relieve any type of discomfort, physical or emotional pain. The most effective way to improve the respiratory mechanism is to correct breathing deviations and learn to release annoying sensations in the body by breathing with a specialized therapist,” says the author of Heal anxiety. Conscious breathing techniques and personal development to transform anxiety into the life you want.

Finally, is it necessary to be predisposed to believe and trust in the benefits of conscious breathing or will even those who come with a certain disbelief and skepticism to one of these sessions change their mind? “The best of breathwork is that its effects are experienced directly and personally. Even those who come with skepticism can discover in a session that breathing has an almost magical power. By experiencing the energy that can be generated and feeling the senses expand, many people find their preconceptions transformed. Practice speaks for itself, and personal experience is the best way to connect and experience its benefits,” says Catalina Rojas Benedetti. “Our breathing pattern is a reflection of our beliefs and the perception we have of the world. We can consciously change the way we breathe. Therefore, by changing our breathing pattern we can send our brain new information about how we want to live. If we breathe slowly, slowly, deeply, the brain begins to understand that there is time, that we can be present, that we are safe and that everything is fine. This is very restorative and healing,” she says in conclusion.

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