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Doctor Jesús Eligio Rojas Guerra, Undergraduate advisor of the National Teaching Group of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela, carries in his face the nobility of the great and the simplicity of those who know, like Martí who “All the glory in the world fits in a grain of corn.”.

He still shudders when he remembers his first internationalist experience in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, where he arrived very young, 21 years ago, as a Comprehensive General Physician to found dreams and hopes with the birth of the Barrio Adentro Mission.

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“I arrived at the Barrio Adentro Medical Mission on November 8, 2003 in the Venezuelan State of Táchira and we began to work on the outskirts of the capital,” remember.

He still remembers the arrival of the first Cuban doctors to the sister nation, and their insertion into the communities in the midst of very adverse, but exalting conditions.

“Then we carried out consultations in adapted premises, for example, in my case it was in a garage, the neighbors brought us their own furniture and we began the consultations,” he says excitedly.

Doctor Jesús Eligio, today a Master of Science in Diagnostic Procedures, continued practicing Pedagogy, which allowed him to advance to higher teaching categories, until he became an assistant professor, always linked to training programs, improving himself.

But how did you discover your passion for teaching?

In this regard, he explains to us that it was a beautiful path that made him find his own vocation and his desire to train new generations.

“I came to Venezuela in 2003, and then I was an undergraduate instructor in the specialty of Embryology, in the branches of Basic Sciences, since then I was already linked to Teaching, and I have always worked at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Granma . Here in Venezuela, we started in postgraduate studies and in the training of professionals from this country in the specialty of Comprehensive General Medicine, then we went to Cuba to work at the Jagüey Grande Center, to begin teaching classes in curricular units, in my case I was assigned to the Basic Secondary School in Campo “Sofiel Riverón López”, in the area of ​​Torriente, Matanzas, which functioned as a Polyclinic Faculty for Venezuelan Medical students between 2006 – 2009, as a result of the Sandino agreements between Fidel and Chavez.”

Today he is very proud of the prestige that Cuban Medicine has achieved in the world, with doctors of science and conscience. “because our medicine is humane, not mercantilist, we are always close to the patient, we feel them, we examine them, we live in communities, this is what makes our medicine different,” he pointed.

More than two decades after the beginnings of Barrio Adentro, he feels that the seed that he and his colleagues sowed has germinated into a Health Program that has brought well-being to the Venezuelan people, because in his opinion “Today this nation has a strengthened Barrio Adentro Mission, which moved from Barrio Adentro I to Barrio Adentro II with the construction of Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers, High Technology Centers, and specialized Centers, the Milagro Mission was created, inspired by Chávez and Fidel, Other services such as rehabilitation and stomatology were also consolidated, in addition to strengthening other missions that changed the quality of life of the brother Venezuelan people.”

Definitely, community medicine and a Barrio Adentro Mission that are symbols, because “It is a strength, it is a medicine that is brought to communities, that is directed towards those most vulnerable populations, in need of the support of a doctor and a nurse.”

Doctor Jesús Eligio Rojas Guerra has fulfilled a mission in other nations such as Brazil and Portugal, his mark as a trainer of generations is in those countries and also in his beloved Venezuela, where he returns for the second time.

For this prestigious doctor and professor“This mission has allowed us to be more human, more professional, it gave us the satisfaction of preparing the first groups of professionals in Barrio Adentro, of having completed a Master’s degree, working as a Master in Diagnostic Procedures, of having fulfilled other missions in Our America and in Europe has also allowed me to learn other languages, I thank the Cuban Mission and Barrio Adentro for all of this.”

These are the confessions of Doctor Jesús Eligio Rojas Guerra, trainer of generations, who is grateful today, after more than twenty years, for being a good professional, and above all, a better human being, thanks to Barrio Adentro, a Mission that has been a light and hope.

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