Preventive medicine day

Preventive medicine day
Preventive medicine day

With a comprehensive health day, the Municipality of La Plata and the Gutiérrez Hospital will provide primary care for children and adults; Vaccines will be administered to prevent rabies in animals and other key health services will be offered to residents.

The initiative, which will take place today, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., at 50 between 121 and 122, is promoted by the communal Health Secretariat in conjunction with the Programmatic Area and Health Network Service (SAPS) of the hospital. diagonal 114 between 39 and 40.

Within the framework of the health proposal, residents will be able to receive vaccines from the mandatory schedule and the flu dose, as well as receive medical care, whether minors or adults, obtain information about sexual and reproductive health, and residents will receive the implant. contraceptive subdermal (chip).

It should be noted that subdermal implants consist of one or several small, thin and flexible rods that are placed under the skin of the arm with local anesthesia and release the hormone progestin that inhibits ovulation continuously. They provide contraception for between 3 and 5 years, can be withdrawn at any time and, it was clarified, they do not prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Rabies vaccine

During the comprehensive health day promoted by Gutiérrez and the Commune, the annual and mandatory dose of the anti-rabies vaccine will be applied to dogs and cats and shifts will be given to perform castrations on the following days.

It is worth remembering that the rabies vaccine must be applied annually from the pet’s three months of age and throughout the animal’s life to prevent the transmission of rabies through bites or scratches, taking into account that this disease seriously affects the nervous system. central and, in most cases, is fatal.

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